Who Gets the Sex Toys?

by Jennifer on May 2, 2012

What happens when a couple breaks up? Who gets “custody” of the sex toys? Do you each get to pick a favorite, or do you take back what you brought into the relationship, then divide the rest evenly? What about the toys that were gifts to each other, or the ones that are specifically intended for couples to use together? It’s a tricky question, but one worth thinking about.

I don’t know about you, but my personal collection of sex toys is worth more than gold to me. I have favorites for times when I’m solo, and others that are  just as fun with my guy! Some are amazing during foreplay, while others take intercourse into new realms and I always know just which one to reach for. Not to mention, my sex toys are among my most intimate possessions – definitely not the kind of thing I’ll be loaning to a neighbor anytime soon. So the idea of having to part ways with even part of my collection makes me squirm.

Sex toys are not just playthings (though they’re fun for play!) they are a part of your intimate relationship, too – part of your connection to your partner.  That can make it hard to figure out what to do with your toys when the relationship has gone south. If you’ve kept them clearly defined as “Mine” and “Yours” then there’s not much of an issue – take your stuff and go! It’s the shared toys that pose a bigger problem. The idea of you using those toys with a new partner might not go over very well with your ex…and you might not love the idea of your partner sharing your favorite toy with a new love interest either!

Is it even OK for women to keep the same sex toys from partner to partner? What about men – is it different for guys? How would you feel if your partner brought sex toys from a past relationship into your sex life? Would you be comfortable with that?

It would be great to have a Sex Toy Prenuptial. Spell out exactly what you’ve brought into the bedroom, and what you’re entitled to take with you. That way you avoid post-split battles and don’t risk losing your favorite toys. Hey lawyers – here’s a new specialty!

Have you had to divide your sex toys after a breakup? How did you handle the situation? For brand new toys to add to your collection, check out our online store at http://www.BlissConnection.com.


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