Aphrodisiacs on Better Sex Radio with Joy Nordenstrom

by Chrystal Bougon on August 11, 2009

Joy Nordenstrom

Joy Nordenstrom

Joy Nordenstrom, CEO of http://JoyOfRomance.com is joining us on Better Sex Radio on August 12th to discuss aphrodisiacs and her new mission to help reduce the divorce rate in America. She is an aphrodisiac expert and she can help you craft your very own special dinner party. She also has a special offer when you sign up for her “How to Create and Aphrodisiac Affair.”

Host of the iTunes video series, Intelligent Love: 411 for Men, and CEO of Joy of Romance, Inc., Joy Nordenstrom was inspired to combine the depth and breadth of her personal and career experiences, incorporating her studies of interpersonal relationships into a company designed to bring more love into the world.  

Check out her video tour through Whole Foods as she takes you on an aphrodisiac food tour and makes recommendations for endurance, more testosterone, lowering your body temperature so you don’t over heat, and much more:  http://intelligentlove.blip.tv/

With the 50% divorce rate and many unfulfilling marriages in America, she realized there was an extreme absence of positive role models for couples who want to make their relationship not merely survive but thrive. Her desire to help individuals learn how to create and sustain passionate relationships lead her to launch Joy of Romance, Inc. The company offers classes, matchmaking, individualized coaching and training sessions, plus personalized honeymoon, vacation and event planning. 

Register now on my site for my new book and DVD called How to Create An Aphrodisiac Affair you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. It will be hot off the press the first week in September in time for my speaking engagement at Dr. Brenda Wade’s International Love & Money Summit in Savannah, GA. Looking forward to chatting with Chrystal on Wednesday!

Much happiness, JOY
Here is the link to my site: http://www.joyofromance.com/how-to-aphrodisiac-affair-dinn/


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