Ask us anything! Join us for a Sex Talk Q&A May 20th at 11am

by Chrystal Bougon on May 17, 2009 and “Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex” is excited to announce that this Wednesday, May 20th, we will be hosting a “Ask us anything about SEX” Q & A for all of our customers and our Bliss Community. Everyone is welcome to call in or just listen to our Award Winning “Better Sex” radio show. We stream live on Wednesday at 11a.m. on – click on the LIVE NOW blinking box on the top right hand corner of the page.



Have a (non) burning question about any of the following?

1. Oral Sex for him or her? (You can hear Chrystal’s “paint the wall” analogy for giving women better oral sex.)

2. Anal Sex (for him or her, LOL)? We have some tips we learned at the Toy Trade Show for how to have anal sex more comfortably.  (BTW, use SUPERIOR LUBE like the EROS / PJUR lube.)

3. Erotic Massage for couples? Is it true some women can orgasm from inner thigh massage?

4. For business owners, how to Improve your bottom line with more SEX?

5. How to have an orgasm during couples sex easily?

6. How to have a G Spot orgasm. Where is my g-spot? How come it feels like I am going to pee when

my G-Spot is touched?

7. Can all women learn to ejaculate?

8. How can you make a b.j. more efficient. (Guys, we only offer these tips for the women who JUST DO NOT GIVE

B.J.’s we are not recommending it for all women. Please don’t send me any nasty grams!)

9. How to incorporate sex toys into your love life.

10. How many calories can I burn having sex? Can kissing really burn 90 calories?


I will be joined by the captivating and unstoppable Adryenn Ashley as we take your calls and answer your questions. Too shy to call in to our LIVE radio show? Email us at or Tweet your questions to @BlissConnection and we will do our best to answer them on the air.

Adryenn Ashley, is the CEO of and the founder of . Adryenn and I met thanks to Ladies Who Launch  a couple of years ago and we LOVE TO TALK ABOUT SEX! Adryenn also has a BA in Psychology ( with emphasis on Sex Ed) and as she further explained “Did my thesis on self esteem of ONLY daughters of single mothers, as investigated through sexual stereotypes! 🙂  Fun stuff. Made the nuns close the door to review my thesis!”

888-327-0061  Call us toll free this Wednesday and see if you can stump us with your questions or issues! We do like to keep it “tasteful” on Better Sex Radio, but we are open to all questions. Just please do us a favor and articulate your question in a tasteful way!

Talk to you on Wednesday!

Blissfully, Chrystal   Better Sex Toys for Better Sex


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