Bliss Discount from Char at Shangri-La Lotus Salon

by Chrystal Bougon on April 24, 2009

Charlotte Reed-Price

@ Shangri-La Lotus Salon

413A Monterey Ave

Los Gatos, CA  95030  Phone:  (408) 398-4892


“Personal Service with Style for Everyone”




Char’s Hair Design + is offering Personal Grooming Services for Men, Women and Couples.  Everyone is welcome.

10% discount for mentioning


Personal grooming down there!

Trimmed looks are in fashion — for men too!


Press … rip … YEOW!

That guttural scream you hear rattling the door of a back room in your local day spa just may be coming from a man getting his pubic hair waxed. Yes, it’s true. Men are grooming, uh, down there.

How the current fashion for stylin’ pubes arose is a matter of some debate. Theories include everything from anti-feminist backlash to admiration for shaved Olympic swimmers to the influence of gay culture.

The mainstreaming of porn had something to do with it, too, because porn actors tend to shave, the better to show off the naughty bits. Men began asking their wives and girlfriends to do it because it made giving oral sex more pleasant and because it seemed wicked. Lately, in the interest of fair play, women have been telling men to denude penises and testicles and to trim back the rest.

Exactly how popular pubic grooming is among men is debatable, but it does seem to be catching on, largely because women like it. “One woman said, ‘Hell no, we are not going down there if it’s a mess!’”.

Not just for porn stars
Most men probably coif in the privacy of their own bathrooms with razor, soap and maybe a beard trimmer, but calls to skin care salons and day spas around the country revealed that many are now going to professionals for their personal grooming needs.  Waxing looks cleaner and lasts longer.  There is also no stubble to worry about. 

“Some go totally bare, some just do the shaft and up around the pelvic area.

The style, depends on what their wives, girlfriends or significant other wants. Men go along because removing the hair makes the whole package look bigger. The charge is $85 and up for the service. 

“They get waxes?” “And you do the waxing?” “Yes, they get waxes,”  “It’s just like driving a sports car. You grab the [stick shift] and you go, babe!”


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Kathy S. April 30, 2009 at 7:09 pm

LOVE this! Every man should do this if he wants the attention downtown. It’s a total no-brainer.

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