Pleasure Parties: How is Bliss different from our competitors

by Chrystal Bougon on April 19, 2010



A customer asked me this question recently and I felt the urge to blog about it! I swear, our best ideas come from our customers!

I believe there are several reasons why our customers choose Bliss over our other Pleasure Party competitors …. and we have A LOT of competitors since the economy took a dive. (When people lose their corporate jobs, they turn to HOME BASED and HOME PARTY businesses.)

For starters, we offer a NO PRESSURE party. When I created Bliss, it was my dream and goal to be able to facilitate a super sassy, fun, and educational pleasure party. I did not want to ever have to pressure my hostesses friends to become a Pleasure Party consultant. (Most of our competitors are working to build a down line. Not at Bliss.) I also did not want to have to pressure our hostesses friends to book their own party. I did not even want to have to pressure anyone to BUY anything. (We find if we do our jobs well, present our products in a fun, tasteful and non-threatening way and set up a full store in our customer’s home – there is no need to pressure anyone to do anything.)

So, we do not pressure anyone to do anything like some of our other home party competitors. We show up to do a super sassy, educational presentation where you should be prepared to giggle until your sides ache! It’s our job to show up to faciliate a very open dialogue in a non-threatening way and we have really hilarious props, too! The best Pleasure Parties are the one’s that are super interactive and where we have done our job – to make everyone feel comfortable sharing.

Secondly, we set up a FULL STORE in our customers homes. We believe in INSTANT GRATIFICATION at Bliss. No one wants to wait for Sex Toys. So, when we show up to do a Pleasure Party for our customers, we take over their master bedroom and set up a full blown store. This allows our customers to SHOP privately at our Bliss Pleasure Parties. And, our mobile store allows our customers to take their purchases home that night! We NEVER pressure anyone to buy anything. We find that since our parties are very fun, super memorable, educational and we have the full store set up – we do not ever need to pressure anyone. We even take 4 major credit cards, checks and cash – so for those people who want to do business with us – we make it a no brainer. (Also, if you are at a pleasure party and your lover knows where you are – you just CANNOT go home empty handed!)

Sometimes I am sure I sound like a broken record, but when people ask me why I love my work so much I say “because I love listening to grown women giggle their asses off.” It fills me up and warms my heart to hear women laughing and having fun while I set up my party. It makes me SO happy when they laugh and get involved in my pleasure party presentation. It warms my heart when they come back to the private store to shop and to divulge some of their most private and intimate details of their love life. We take pride in HELPING women and couples to have better sex. I always feel so honored when my hostesses guests confide in me and I do my best to brainstorm with each of them privately to help them find the solution to their problems or issues. It also makes me SO happy if I can just help them to have more connnection with their partner or to help them end their bedroom boredom.

We want to help bring BLISS to everyone’s bedroom. That is our mission. Clear, articulate, intelligent discourse about sex toys and and romance products and how they can improve your love life. (Even if you are only having sex alone, you still want it to be better, right.)

If you have hosted a Bliss party or have attended a Bliss party, we’d love to hear from you. What did you think of the Bliss party you attended?  You can also share on our Facebook Fan Page

You can tune into our weekly Radio Show called “Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex” on or download our Podcasts from by searcing on Bliss Radio or Better Sex Radio.

Email us at if you would like more information on booking your own Bliss Pleasure Party. Tel: 408-826-9087

Blissfully, Chrystal


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Jen J April 21, 2010 at 1:29 pm

I have been to several Bliss Parties and they are like no other. Not only sexy and sassy but very educational. Chrystal and her team are personable and knowledgable. They make you feel comfortable- even if sex is something you are not used to talking about! I would highly recommend you have your own Bliss Party if you’ve never experienced one. So fun!

Heidi April 22, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Chrystal is a fabulous entrepreneur and when she says her goal is to help women giggle their asses off, you can be sure that this happens ona regular basis!

Chrystal April 22, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Thanks so much, Heidi and Jen!

Shailja Singh May 1, 2010 at 1:00 pm

I have been to Chrystal’s bliss parties, and have even been a vendor there. From my point of view, the experence was great just being a part of it. There was great energy, great women, great networking, fun and frolic, and yes, they are SEXY!! Hats off to Chrystal for such marvelous work!

Julie A May 10, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Chrystal’s parties are exactly as she describes! She arrives at your home, looking like a sassy librarian with more toys and products that you would even imagine!
Not only will you be educated on products available, but also their history. She gets everybody comfortable with talking about sex, let’s you laugh while educating you on the variety of uses.
Then, it is up to you if you want to go shop in the “private store” that has been set up. You can look, purchase, ask questions and leave with or without a brown bag in your hand with a special item!
Her parties are a must!

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