Can Scent Therapy improve your sex drive?

by Chrystal Bougon on December 1, 2009

I just got a delivery today of these very interesting SCENT patches from a new and innovative company called Scentuelle and their website is . I took a pic of the product tonight so I could show all of you what it looks like. Pretty cool concept and great packaging. I can seriously see these on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens any day now!

 This is from their website :  “Are you are suffering from the frustrations of a low sex drive? Has your desire for sexual closeness waned – or disappeared completely? Is your relationship suffering from the lack of intimacy?”  Well, their theory is that wearing these scented patches will help you to increase your libido!

We all know that scent is a huge part of attraction, for sure. If you do not like the way your partner smells – it won’t go very far that is for sure! Our nose and the sense of smell is a DIRECT route to our Pleasure Center – as their materials remind us.

Again, from their website explaining how their patch works: “Scentuelle is an innovative aroma patch that is designed to use your sense of smell to enhance sexual response.  The patch is infused with a blend of propriety aromas and essential oils that are delivered directly to the smell receptors in your brain.  Smelling the aromatic patch frequently throughout the day helps re-kindle the feelings of intimacy and pleasure that come from a healthy sex drive.”

I can’t wait to interview them on Better Sex Radio this Wednesday. I am enjoying the way the patch smells. Can’t really describe it, but it’s not over powering. The package says that their is a cummulative affect and they recommend you wear a new patch a day for 30 days for best response. 

Apparantly it’s totally holistic/natural, body safe and no pheromones or other chemicals. I will let you all know if I notice any kind of “dopamine/happy hormones” raging through my brain! I am very very scent sensitive so I was very skeptical about the way the patch smells, but it’s very nice. It’s not flowers, it’s not vanilla, it’s not musk – but it is a scent from the warm side of the scent notes, but not sure which ones. Maybe vaguely similar scent to a very subtle Barabol shaving cream? I dunno. I will keep you updated as I figure out the scent.

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