What is the sexiest compliment someone can pay you?

by Chrystal Bougon on April 23, 2012


This topic came up at my Pleasure Party on Saturday night. Since strong is the new sexy, would you

be flattered if someone said “wow, you look so strong?”

I read a recent survey that said that the favorite compliments women like to recieve are as follows:

1.  Wow, you look skinny. Or, “you look thinner.”

2. You have a beautiful smile.

3.  You smell so good. (Or my personal favorite, “you smell yummy.”)

According to “Ask Men” they say these compliments are ones that women cannot resist:


1. I could talk to you all night long.

2. I like the way your mind works.

3. You look fantastic.

Personally, I think you can get yourself into trouble commenting about a woman’s weight. I would suggest you stick to something like “that color looks fantastic on you” or “you look great in that” as opposed to saying you look thinner…which could imply you thought she looked fat the last time you saw her. (Some women are SUPER sensitive about their weight.)

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