Is your Betty Ready? Hot date tonight? Be ready with your Betty!

by Chrystal Bougon on June 3, 2009

It’s been 6 weeks since your last wax and suddenly you have a hot date tonight! What do you do? Bust our your Ready Betty do it yourself Home KIT for at home hair removal – you can even shape it all into a cute heart or other sexy shape for your luvah!

As popular as bikini shapes are, they can be pretty costly to get at a design like a heart or lightning bolt done at a salon or spa, and a real hassle to do the waxing yourself. The is an AT HOME KIT has just come out with a new kit for specialty shaping at home that includes their new hair removal cream, eight stencil shapes, scissors and a trimmer.

While a hair removal cream doesn’t have the same long-lasting effects like waxing, the kit is affordably priced at $20 And their new bettybare cream, created by a chemist is scented with fragrant blossoms and a secret ingredient, so it doesn’t have the normal sulphur-smell (think perm odor) most depilatories have. If you’ve tried a hair removal cream, you know exactly what we mean.

This is for the PUBIC HAIR DIY-ers amongst our customers. Do It Yourself hair removal. 🙂  Way less painful and way less humiliating then a Brazilian at the spa.

The creator of the READY BETTY will be on Better Sex Radio today around 11:25 a.m. Pacific. Listen to us as we stream live on


Is your Betty Ready?

Is your Betty Ready?


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