“Most Guys are Clueless” by David Gordon

by Chrystal Bougon on September 7, 2009

“It’s all about making her feel special and cherished; doing little things that show you care; having honest, open communication; and an unswerving committment to your relationship and to her.”  The last words in an 8 page book from the author who is coming on my show this week. His name is David Gordon.


“Timeless relationship advive for both men and women gleaned from years of hearing women’s frustrations about how they’ve been treated.”

David somehow found my radio show information on google and sent me his book and requested to come on the show. Thank you, David. The book is a great read and just practical advice for all couples – male or female. We are going to make our theme for this week’s show “What Every Woman Wishes her Man Knew” and will have several guests on to talk about these “things.”


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