8 Most Common Questions about the Rabbit Style Sex Toys

by Chrystal Bougon on February 2, 2010

Original Rabbit Pearl

Original Rabbit Pearl

Are you a Rabbit Girl?

Aaaaah, the age old questionto Rabbit or Not to Rabbit? And if you do “rabbit” which style of Rabbit is right for you? On our website and at our Bliss Pleasure Parties, we sell a variety of “rabbit” type toys. And, just to clarify what a “rabbit” type toy is, we define it as any Adult Sex Toy that gives more then one type of stimulation simultaneously – typically vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

Or, for the guys our subtitle is “Is your girl a Rabbit type of girl?”


In this industry, we are flush with Rabbits thanks to, in my opinion, that infamous “Sex & The City” episode where “Charlotte” became addicted to her “Rabbit Pearl. That episode ran for the first time in August 1998 and since then, pretty much everyone in the adult toy industry has tried to duplicate Vibratex™ super quiet, artfully crafted and atomically charged Pearl Rabbit that was so perfectly placed in that “Sex & The City” episode. Talk about your product placement coup!

Good for Vibratex™ and good for consumers, right? Maybe, is my short answer. Choices are great but they do come with some confusion for the regular girl or guy shopping for sex toys.  Here are some of the questions that I am frequently asked by customers.  Some of them may sound a little crude or silly, but they are REAL questions from REAL people:

1.W: Once I own a rabbit, will my husband or boyfriend still be able to please me?
2.W: Will my husband or boyfriend feel like he is being replaced?
3.M: If I buy this toy for my wife/girlfriend will I still be able to please her?
4.M: Will my wife/girlfriend be “stretched” vaginally by this toy?
5.W: Can this toy electrocute me and burn me or hurt me in some way?
6.W: Will I still be able to have an orgasm without this toy?
7.M: Do you have one that does not have any wires or cords?
8.M: Doesn’t that hurt?

The short answer is: Yes, No, Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes, and HELL NO! (The questions with the “W” were from women and the one’s with the “M” were from men.)

So, now you’re asking yourself, how do I decide which multifunctional rabbit type toy is right for me?  Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I plan to use the toy more often alone or with a partner? If you answered alone, you may prefer to go the wireless route. (Suggestion: The Rabbit Habit, The Pearl Thunder or the Krystal Wabbit)

2. Do I prefer more direct and constant clitoral stimulation or do I prefer a lighter, fluttering type of clitoral stimulation? Remember that we’re all uniquely different. And while 90% of women have 95% of their orgasms through clitoral stimulation, we all get there in our own unique ways. If you prefer more direct and constant clitoral stimulation, look for a toy that has a harder material or a more solid cut in the clitoral stimulator. (Suggestion: The Rabbit Habit, Pearl Thunder, Waterproof Jack Rabbit, Rock My World.) If you prefer the lighter, more fluttering effect, then choose stimulators with softer materials and one’s that have two soft rabbit “ears” as opposed to one more direct “ear”. (Suggestion: Original Rabbit Pearl, and The Rabbit Habit)

3. Do I prefer girth, length or both? Many women prefer girth to length. I said many, not all. Some women prefer girth due the concentration of nerve endings situated at the opening and bottom third of the vagina. (Suggestion for girth: Pearl Thunder or Krystal Wabbit.) The top two thirds of the vagina have very few nerve endings so there is not a lot of sensation up closer to our cervix. However, some girls like longer toys – more than 5” insertable but many women find anything over 5” insertable a bit uncomfortable. (Suggestion for average to longer toys: Eager Beaver, Original Pearl Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, and Rabbit Habit.)

4. Will I find the rotation of the beads or pearls distracting or pleasurable? This is a critical decision point for many women and especially for men trying to buy these toys for their female partners. If you’re the type of girl who has to think about your orgasm and spend some energy getting your brain to catch up with your body, you may prefer the toys without the rotating pearls or beads. (NOTE: almost all of the toys with the rotation function allow you to turn that part off if you find you don’t like it.) Some women have told me that the rotation distracts them and slows down their ability to have an orgasm. Now, if you’re a girl that does not have to think about your orgasm much, you will more then likely find that sensation of the rotating beads or pearls highly pleasurable and it will enhance your orgasm. (Suggestions: Eager Beaver or Osaki Beaver have no beads or pearls, but still give you the penetration and the clitoral vibration. Most of the other toys mentioned in this article have some type of beads or pearls for that third type of stimulation.)

5. Will I be using this toy in the bedroom or in the shower/bathtub/hottub? Many women, especially women with children, rarely get any privacy at all for a hot date with their rabbit toys. For some women, the only little bit of peace and quiet they get is when they lock the bathroom door for their daily shower or bath. If you need a waterproof toy or just like the idea of a dildo that can be used in the shower or hot tub, check out the waterproof toys. (Suggestion: The Lucid #48 is 100% waterproof but can be used in the bed or bath. Same with the Water Dancer Pocket Rocket by Vibratex™.)

Ladies, if you’re concerned about your husband or boyfriend feeling replaced by a toy, here’s what I suggest. First of all, let your partner know that nothing could ever replace him. Think of your toys as a great appetizer leading up to a fabulous and orgasmic entrée – HIM! Once most men figure out that the more fun you have, the more fun they have – they will fully embrace your toys. (Keep in mind that men are super visual and many men love using toys with their partners.)

Speaking for most of my friends, relatives and the random women I have met through years of business, a toy has never made them less sensitive to an orgasm. For many women, toys actually help them to become more orgasmic and more sensitive – in some cases toys can even train and help women to become multi orgasmic. And, NO, a toy will not stretch you out.  If you’re really concerned, double up on your kegel exercises!  I am a big proponent of doing kegels instead of using those tightener creams. Ladies! The more often you do your kegels, the more intense your orgasm.

So throw out all of those old wives tales about Sex Toys. Do your research and find the toy that is right for you. Don’t let someone SELL you a toy. Ask them to EDUCATE you about the toys that they sell and let them help you find the one that is exactly right for you and your body.  One Size Does Not Fit All in this industry!


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Susan February 4, 2010 at 8:09 am

What an awesome produce review this is. My partner and I were just talking about the Rabbit; honestly, it always made me a little nervous. While I sorta like the animorphism, I think a little part of me goes, “Should I be doing that to the little bunny?”

But more important are questions of what goes where — and if I spend the money, will I like it?

You clearly know your — ahem — material. And the specific details about each model are hugely helpful. Thank you!

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