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by Chrystal Bougon on March 23, 2010

INTERESTING is the first word I used when I saw the sqweel for the first time.  I am always very excited when a toy looks DIFFERENT and NEW. So many of the products in our industry are just the same old thing repackaged or has a new color or new buttons. BIG WHOOP!  But, when I saw the Sqweel on Gizmodo  I was just tickled pink to see something that did not look like more of the same ol same ol. 

Sqweel Wheel
Sqweel Wheel

Well the sqweel more than delivers on the INNOVATION category!  But, I know the big question you are all asking yourself is “Chrystal, did the sqweel deliver the 10 tongues and did it feel like oral stimulation?” (Oh and maybe also a “is it worth$75, Chrystal?” )

So, first question answered. Yes, the sqweel delivers 10 Silicon tongues and the 3 AAA bullets definitely kept them spinning at a very nice pace. The material of the tongues paired with some water based lube makes it very realistic feeling. I found the lower speeds not quite enough, though. I would have also liked it if the material was more FIRM and not so soft and floppy. I think if he material was a bit harder or more rigid the lower speeds would have been nice, too. But, with some lube and a good imagination it definitely feels like a tongue.
It has a good speed to the wheel and it is very nice outer silicone material. It’s light and a great fit in your hand. It seemed to work best parallel to my body but I would like to try it again perpindicular to my body just for a new twist on it to see how that is. It’s definitely not going to work during intercourse but a fun foreplay tool either alone or with a partner. (My partner was extra patient and determined.) Since everyone is built differently, it may work better for other women then it did for me. I am not really what you would call an “outy” so it took some extra tenacity. I was lucky enough to have two small climaxes just from the toy, though.
I would love it if the tongues vibrated, too! Not sure if that is possible, but a firmer material and a vibrator inside the wheel that allows the tongues to have a little vibration could be heavenly.  I will give it another whirl alone and update this blog post. I am kind of a demanding end user – so don’t get me wrong. I love the sqweel. I am just always thinkng of ways to make it bigger and better so to speak.
I think the quality and the materials are VERY nice. This is a luxury toy and well worth the money. They used the highest quality silicone and it just feels really good and reliable in your hand. It uses 3 AAA batteries so lots of power and lots of endurance. Super easy to clean – just open it up and pull the wheel out to wash with some soap and water. Then pop the wheel back in the black case. Love the stash box that it comes in, too. Very handy for the other things that make you squeal – like your lubes, bullets, condoms, etc
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I am going to give the Sqweel 3.5 hearts out of 5 hearts on our Bliss heart throb scale. I will also update this review after I try it alone tonight or tomorrow. 🙂

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Chrystal March 31, 2010 at 8:59 pm

OH yah, I did try it alone and I would bump it up to 4 solid stars, too! I would like to see their next revision with a VIBRATOR inside of it to make it vibrate, too!

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