The Art of the Spark : 12 Habits to Inspire Romance

by Chrystal Bougon on May 6, 2009




From Publishers Weekly
A self-described RA (romantic adventurer), Zalmanek proffers up nifty ideas to ward off the relationship doldrums. From her experience in leading romance workshops and helping clients plan lavishly sexy get-aways, Zalmanek has divined 12 habits she promises will lead to a more romantic life. Each habit, such as “Accommodate Your Beloved’s Surprise Tolerance,” is described clearly and presented alongside exercises and planning tools that allow couples to better understand each other and their personal preferences. The author has also included many anecdotes from couples she has helped, as well as quite a few personal stories of amorous adventures she’s shared with her husband. These tend to focus on extravagant trips or nights on the town, and incorporate Zalmanek’s more overwrought prose, such as, “Their intimate laughter carried an assurance of eternal love sweeter than the truest love song.” For budget-minded couples, Zalmanek is less helpful, and the ideas-“An Elegant Evening at Taco Bell,” anyone?-are cringe-worthy. Readers willing to overlook the cloying prose will find plenty of ideas for planning a night of non-spontaneous romance.
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Product Description
When falling in love, every couple hopes for “happily ever after,” yet few achieve it. Only a small percentage of couples on their twentieth or fiftieth anniversary use the word “romantic” to describe their relationships. It takes more than love and good intentions to keep the spark alive. This book ignites the spark. Zalmanek draws from clients’ stories, her workshops, and her own thirty-year marriage to illustrate these habits. Exercises help couples discover their Romance Profile and plan adventures.


Art of the Spark


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Cassandra Rae May 6, 2009 at 7:31 pm

I’m a subscriber to your blog and I love all the information you share. Thank you for doing what you do!

Cassandra Rae’s last blog post..I just bought these books

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