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by Chrystal Bougon on September 29, 2009

Have you seen these gorgeous and discreet sex toy boxes? They look like a jewelry box or a tissue box. NO ONE would guess you have sex toys (or other stash) hidden in there…unless they own one, too!  Interesting that they were also featured in HIGH TIMES magazine, too. High Times Magazine said that the Toy Boxes ” allow you to hide your valuables and unmentionables” but somehow I don’t think they are talking about your panties, ladies.

Funny, they talk about hiding your “jars and glass pieces”, too. Maybe they mean the fantastic “glass pieces” we sell on our VERY tasteful online sex toy store  What do you think? 

Well, either way, Dawn Tulman, President of is joining us on Better Sex Radio this week at 11 a.m on and we are going to talk about her beautiful toy boxes and what inspired her to creat them. She is a MOM, too, so we want to know all about how she explains her boxes to her kids!

Dawn is an amazing business woman and is around sex toys, sex toy manufacturers, sex toy trade shows and I can’t wait to pick her brain and hear all about the new trends and innovations in our sex toy industry. I am also dying to ask Dawn her thoughts about the new study from the U.K. that has determined that “an Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” for women!

Tune In: 11 a.m. PDT to check out our Sex Toys, our Glass Dildos, our Books and much much more! Oh, don’t forget our stripper poles, too!

Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

Sex Expert


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