Better Sex Radio: Why are Men and Women having Lousy Sex

by Chrystal Bougon on December 13, 2009

Join us this week as we have Marriage & Sex Coach John Wilder on our Better Sex Radio Show on Dec. 16th. Tune in as we stream live on Wednesday at     

Better Sex Radio

Better Sex Radio

From John’s Bio: “Many marriage counselors are not comfortable with dealing with specifics about your sex life.  I prepared to deal with it because there is no “school for sex” where guys and gals can go to learn to be great at sex.  I deal with female clients who tell me how lousy guys are in the sack.   I have a book that I am just finishing up tentatively titled:  YOU CAN ACHIEVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND IMPROVE YOUR LOVE LIFE TOO.  I detail the hows and whys of sexuality as well as teaching relationship skills and conflcit resolution skills in this book.
You will note that I claim to be a coach rather than a counselor.  The difference is that counselors remain neutral and talk about feelings where as coaches take a directive role and help couples resolve their problems. The other difference is how the therapy is delivered.  Marriage counselors give you one hour once a week.  This because they are regulated by the insurance company who will only let them charge for and see you for one hour once a week.  Coaches concentrate on resolving the problems in a very short time.”

Shall be very eye opening and I am looking forward to the ideas John has for couples to have BETTER sex and MORE Great Sex!

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