Can you be Sexy at any Size? Hell yah (repost from blogger blog)

by Chrystal Bougon on September 18, 2009

Can you be Sexy at any size? Hell yes!

Can you be FAT & SEXY? Hell YES! Confidence is SEXY at any size.
A friend of mine (who is NOT fat) wrote this fabulous blog that “Sexy Comes in All Sizes” is an amazing woman, life coach and all around inspirational woman. Her blog reminded me of when I owned an Adult Store where we sold lingerie. I noticed two things when I would help women try on lingerie.

First of all, thin women are SO HARD on themselves and have so much negative SELF TALK around their bodies. Being a PLUS SIZED woman myself, I always thought it was so strange that they were so hard on themselves when they had obviously hit that “media goal” of being a size 6.When larger women would come into our store, they were way more “in reality” about where they were and how they looked and were focused on finding a style of lingerie that flattered their bodies.

They had this attitude of “oh well, I want to surprise my lover and I am a size 18” and were just more matter of fact about it while we searched for the perfect piece of lingerie for their ample bosom or ample bottom – or both.It also reminded me how very petite women and very thin women sometimes have as much or more difficulty finding cute clothes or lingerie as their plus sized or tall sisters have. It’s the same PROBLEM just different ends of the spectrum.She also reminded me how strongly I feel about this issue. My business is all about helping women and couples to have BETTER SEX.

I do that via my Online Romance Store and our Home Pleasure Parties . We also have a radio show called “Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex” at .I am sharing my reply to Susan Liddy’s Blog about “Sexy Comes in All Size”Thanks for creating a dialogue about this, Susan. I talk to so many women week after week who are putting their sex lives and other fun stuff on hold until they are that perfect size. LADIES – Sieze The Day!

All you have is today. You may not be on this planet tomorrow. Enjoy exactly what you have and exactly who you are NOW. You should not put the really really fun stuff on hold until you lose those last 10 lbs…you could be working on those last 10 lbs the rest of your life. WHY WAIT?
And, guess what? Some men PREFER saggy breasts, big butts, or a little pooch around the tummy. Granted, some men are into toned and sculpted – but my point is that if there are equal amount of men that love BIG HUGE breasts as there are men who love ITTY BITTY breasts, that that would hold true on body size preferences, too. (If you don’t believe me, google all of the pay sites out there dedicated to ENORMOUS BREASTS and the pay sites dedicated to the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE. There are thousands and thousands of both kinds.)

Confidence is what REALLY turns people on and just OWN IT ladies. Own who you are right now and enjoy life and all the pleasures that your body can bring – size 2 or size 22!
Can you tell I feel strongly about this issue? I am a size 22 and I am here to ENJOY who I am now at this very moment – not who the media tells me I should be. Of course, this has been a life long battle for me as I have been overweight since about the 4th grade. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the way the magazines depict women and celebrities, but then I remind myself I AM SEXY and I deserve to love and be loved just like anyone else!I believe all women (all people) are sexy in their own way and we just need to realize all of our beauty and potential.

When we do that, then we will all HAVE BETTER SEX! Let go of your body image hangups and just let yourself enjoy every thing you can – even if you are SUPER SKINNY or SUPER FAT. Like I said above, Sieze the Day ladies!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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