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Sex Toys in San Jose

We are a Sex Toy Company in San Jose. We sell sex toys online as tastefully as possible!

We have an online store called and we also do our sex toy parties

all over San Jose .  You can learn more about our pleasure parties in San Jose on our party


Our pleasure parties are known for our Instant Gratification. No one waits for their pleasure party

purchases at a Bliss Pleasure Party. We set up a full store in your home the night of your party.

We know that no one wants to wait for their sex toys at a pleasure party.

You can book your party online on and you can call us or text us

at 408-712-3809 to get on our calendar.

Or, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.  Sex Toys and Pleasure Parties on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @BlissConnection

Many people call our pleasure parties a Passion Party. That is because the company Passion Party is probaby one of the most well know home sex toy party companies in the U.S. So, the term Passion Party is syonymous with pleasure party. We just happen to call our pleasure parties a Bliss party. We want to bring more bliss to your bedroom.

I created Bliss in 2003 after going to about 10 pleasure parties in my life. I thought it was LAME when I went to a pleasure party and I had to wait for my sex toys. I wanted my sex now NOW and I assumed everyone else wants their sex toys that night, too! Plus, if you have someone at home who knows where you are, you cannot go home empty handed!

And, we also have our online store for when you cannot attend a pleasure party and you need some sex toys PRONTO. You can order and shop our online store 24 hours a day! Our warehouse is Hollister so if you are in the Bay Area, you can get your sex toys within 1 day in most cases.

Call us for more information!  408-712-3809



Chrystal Bougon, Founder



  • clint

    I just found your show for the first time and listened to you and Dr. Borg…a wonderfully enlightening show!!
    Can you recommend a female arousal cream…
    Thank you and again, I love your show!

  • Clint,

    Thanks for the compliment. I have tried about 6 or 7 of them myself and the one I prefer is called Nympho’s Desire. It’s about $18 and we do sell it at our online store

    It’s the one we allow the guests at our Bliss Pleasure Parties and I have found about 80% of women love it. 10% hate it and the other 10% don’t feel anything at all.

    It’s one of the only arousal creams that are DYE free which is one of the things I really like about this particular cream.

  • desidaniels

    why is it so impossible to get someone on the phone..I spent 96 bucks and my order never came I left multiple msgs..and still no return call whats the deal ?

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