Clitoris: How can it still be so mysterious even in 2009?

by Chrystal Bougon on October 28, 2009

Clitoris: It’s ONLY job is to give you pleasure! (And, if you have religious reasons why you can’t use it to it’s full benefit, I implore you to ask yourself or your maker why it was given to you if not to use it for an orgasm.)


Clitoris definition from Web MD: (klit′ō-ris, -tōr′i-dēz; klī′tō-ris)

  1. A cylindric, erectile body, rarely exceeding 2 cm in length, situated at the most anterior portion of the vulva and projecting between the branched limbs or laminae of the labia minora, which form its prepuce and frenulum.

Over the past 7 years, I have met way too many women in their 20’3, 30’s & 40’s who were just not sure if they knew exactly where their clitoris was. To me, it seems crazy in this age of GOOGLE and so much information about sex, that mature women are still so unsure about their own anatomy.

Just goes to show you how mysterious our anatomy is and how it’s still a constant source of concern for women (and men). I have even  had several women ask if they could drop their panties and show me where they thought it was and would I just take a peek? I graciously allow them to show it to me – not in my typical party offerings  however- but they are always so sweet and so innocent and so concerned. Turns out she knew EXACTLY where it was all along! (No, this is not a new service we are offering. It just happens on occasion.)

Now, imagine how mysterious it is for our male partners! Ladies, this is my message here. Your pleasure and your orgasm is your responsibility. Help him out by telling him exactly what you need and don’t be afraid. They really really want to know. They REALLY want to do it right and they want you to give them feedback.

Take a page from their playbook…find it yourself daily! Practice makes perfect. The better you are at finding it and giving yourself an orgasm alone, the easier it will be for you to have an orgasm with a partner.

Remeber, your clitoris only has one purpose – to bring you pleasure. USE IT! I am including some links to some of my all time favorite clitoral stimulators. Some data suggest that 98% of women have 95% of their orgasms from clitoral stimulation. Other studies suggest 75% of women have all of their orgasms from clitoral stimulation. (So, we do not know the exact amount, but we know it’s the majority of women that rely on the clitoris for a climax! )

These clitoral vibrators work great alone or in conjunction with intercourse:

(All of these toys ara available on our very TASTEFUL online romance store:

The 5 Speed Pulsating Bullet (My personal favorite)

Silver Bullet  (Simple, pure, discreet)

Club Vibe  (Vibrating panties. Vibrates to the ambient noise in the room.)

Rock Chick  (For you G Spot Girls)

Mystic Wand  (The new and fab cordless answer to the Hitachi Magic Wand)

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Chrystal October 29, 2009 at 2:26 pm

7% of women have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse according to Dr. Masterson on “The Doctors” ….. THANK YOU “The Doctors” for educating millions of women today. It’s all about the clitoris! Intercourse is about reproduction and the male orgasm, not the female orgasm. Most women REQUIRE clitoral stimulation during intercourse to have an orgasm. (This was just on the Doctors 5 mins ago!)

I love this! On national t.v., too! Finally the dialogue is happening! As they said on “The Doctors” – you are MORE or typical if you DO NOT have a vaginal orgasm since 93% of us only have orgasms from clitoral stimulation.

There is some new research suggests if your clitoris is closer to your vagina, it may be easier for you to have a vaginal orgasm because your clitoris is receiving more friction during intercourse.
This has been my own personal theory for a long time.

Try the “Riding High” position to experiment – it’s Missionary but with the male partner’s head past the female partner’s head so that the penis is rubbing on the clitoris more directly during intercourse. It’s always fun to try new positions. Can’t hurt, right?

As always, HAVE FUN with it!

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