Earth Angel, the first hand cranked sex toy

by Chrystal Bougon on July 5, 2009

Earth Angel

Earth Angel

This is from the Earth angel website: 

THE EARTH ANGEL uses advanced, patented technology to operate which will never require replacement batteries. Unlike conventional vibrators the specially designed base does not open.  

Built into the base is a small flip handle which you extract and turn clockwise. This motion charges the power core contained within. The power core will generate and store the energy for use. Turn this handle to power up THE EARTH ANGEL and toy is good to go giving instant, intense vibrations.

When finished using THE EARTH ANGEL, unused power will be stored inside for future use. Just pop the handle back into the base and put away. Indicator lights will show how much power remains unused.


Can’t wait to hear from our Bliss Community. What do you think of this toy? Is our industry going in the right direction. I will start off by saying that it’s not the prettiest toy ever, but it’s all about FIT, FORM or FUNCTION and this has lots of cool functionality!

Comment here and give us your two cents!


Chrystal Bougon

Sex Expert, Pleasure Coach


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