How to achieve a g-spot orgasm

by Chrystal Bougon on May 2, 2010

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I sometimes answer questions about sex on and tonight, I got the following question about the g-spot and I thought I would share with everyone. And, yes, the G-SPOT does exist!  George J.

Q:What is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve g-spot orgasm for my lady?

Hi George,
For starters, a G spot orgasm takes a lot of warm up. So, lots of foreplay and attention above her
nipples first – for like 15 mintes. (It’s the foreplay that will help her to have a more “wet” g-spot orgasm. The foreplay helps her skenes gland to fill with water. The skenes gland is inside of her urethra and for some women,
the g-spot orgasm can make her ejaculate.)
I normally coach people to try finding the g spot with two well lubricated fingers first. If you are sort
of between her legs as she is on her back with her knees bent, then you can insert the two fingers
inside of her vagina to about your second knuckle. Then curl your fingers around her pubic bone
in that “come hither” motion. The pads of your index finger and your middle finger will feel something
that sort of feels like the roof of your mouth. (And, another reason the foreplay is so important
is because the more excited she is, the larger the urethral sponge/g-spot will be and easier to find!)
Some women enjoy having their g-spots stroked, some women enjoy their g spots tapped on and
some women enjoy your fingers putting light pressure on their g-spot with some lower tummy pressure
using your other hand.
G-Spot stimulation gives some women a sensation that feels similar to the urge of feeling like she
needs to pee. That is because the g-spot is so close to the bladder. Many women do not allow
themselves to have a g-spot orgasm because they are worried about peeing. But, if she just
empties her bladder before you two begin to play, she can relax and just enjoy the sensations
she is feeling from the pressure on her g-spot.
You should know, that some women WILL NEVER be able to get comfortable with g-spot
stimulation. It’s just something that is not for everyone, But, if you can use your fingers or your
mouth on her clitoris while looking around for her g-spot, that may make her more agreeable
and more comfortable with the sensations she is feeling.
Most importantly, do not get TOO focused on the g-spot orgasm or the g-spot itself. If it feels
like our partner is too distracted by a certain goal and that makes us somewhat uncomfortable,
so be sure you do not get TOO focused on it. Go with the flow and if you both have the right
attitude, it will happen for you two!
There are some great books on the topic. Check out the Viole Blue books. I am a big fan of
all of her books and her g-spot book is one of the best on the topic.  And, we LOVE this
G-Spot Vibe that was named #1 Sex Toy by Women’s Health Magazine.
Ok, have fun!  Blissfully, Chrystal  
Link for a FAB G-SPOT TOY
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Chrystal Bougon June 22, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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