Have you ever “ENJOYED” your backyard?

by Chrystal Bougon on August 3, 2009

Sex Outside
Sex Outside

A PR request got me to thinking today….and since this is one of my favorite suggestions to make to the women I meet at our Bliss Pleasure Parties, I thought I should share it here, too. The PR request was asking for a Sex Expert to suggest some ideas for the sexiest place to have make love … and some of the UN-sexiest places to do the deed.

Every one enjoys variety, right? Sure your bed is super comfy and the sheets are cool and soft and it’s all very cozy. But, it can lead to a very dull sex life if you ONLY have sex in your bed.  Mix it up a bit! I am always amazed when I do private consultations for women or when I talk to them at our home sex toy parties at how many of them say they have never had sex in their garage,  in their backyard or in the shower.

One of my favorite suggestions to make is to have sex ANYWHERE but your bedroom. No, just kidding! But, our own backyards can make a fabulously sexy place for great sex. Once the kids go to bed, roll out the blanket on patch of grass and have a “picnic” where you and your lover make each other dessert. Of course, you have to turn all the lights off, too, so your neighbors can’t see you. (You can even add some Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Frosting to the mix.)

It feels so great to be naked outside and under the stars. Because you have to be a extra quiet, it adds to the excitement and anticipation. You are partners in crime, so that makes it a bonding experience like no other. (Just try being super quiet – it puts your head in another place of just enjoying the moment and the skin on skin and on the pleasure. SUPER!)

And for all of your “marrieds” – go have LOUD sex in the garage in the backseat of your car. Just bring the baby monitor with you and go make out and act like you’re 18 again in the backseat of your ride. Have fun!

Where are your favorite sexy places to have some sexy time? Please send them my way and give us all some ideas. We all need to share with each other and learn from each other, right! Inspire all of us, please.


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