Seductive Delusions. How everyday people catch STD’s

by Chrystal Bougon on July 27, 2009

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Seductive Delusions

Seductive Delusions

I know this is not the SEXIEST TOPIC, but it’s a VERY important topic. We are dedicated to helping people have better sex and we should really say that we are dedicated to helping people have better SAFE sex.  Author Dr. Jill Grimes is our guest and she has this fabulously smart book that explains how “regular” people catch STD’s.

Be sure to take the STD QUIZ on Dr. Grimes, website, too. is her website and I am so excited to have her on to talk about the common myths around STD’s.

There has been so much research and new developments in the manufacturing of condoms. There is really no excuse not to use one these days, gents. Just wrap it up and atleast take some of the risk away. (I want to understand exactly how effective condoms are, too.) Looking forward to Dr. Grimes interview this week. Comment here if you have any questions for Dr. Grimes.

I highly recommend her book and you can purchase it on Amazon here:


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