Sex Toys: Is the RABBIT really all that?

by Chrystal Bougon on November 11, 2009

Rocket ship

Rocket ship

We get this question ALL OF THE TIME…..usually right after I walk in the door for a Home Pleasure Party or at an event where I am going to do a presenation about sex toys. Immediately, one or two women will ask me “So, what’s with the rabbit. Is it really the best sex toy?”

In one delicious, triumphant, juicy, explosive, orgasmic, satisfying word……YES! 

But, let’s get down to the nitty gritty here. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of RABBIT toys out there. They are NOT all created equal. And, if you know me at all or follow my blog or sex toy website at all, you know I love the 5 Speed Bullet… and that’s not a rabbit. So, what gives, right?  Well I am here to lay it all out for you.

First of all, I can tell you when it comes to GREAT SEX, variety is the spice of life. So, yes, I love me some 5 Speed Bullet. I love how it pulses, escalates and that it’s nice and small so you can incorporate it into whatever you are up to. It’s a bullet style toy and when used properly, is pretty much a guaranteed climax. It’s also great for masturbation purposes and can get the job done VERY QUICKLY if that is what you are looking for. Love it, but I have a few faves. I sell sex toys… of course I do.

The rabbit that is the MOST FAMOUS is likely the Original Rabbit Pearl manufactured in Japan by a Bay Area company called Vibratex. Love them!   Love the owners, love the people that work for them and love that they care about the materials (food grade vinyl or elastomer) we are using on our most delicate body parts, and LOVE that they make their toys in Japan with Honda Motor Parts.

Rabbit Pearl

Rabbit Pearl

 This company designed and created this rabbit in 1984!  Their design team (two women, btw) had this amazing epiphany. They decided that dildos needed a clitoral stimulator. DUH, right?  Seems like common sense to me, too. But, before the “twice as nice” Rabbit, all of the sex toys in the world looked like a giant penis or a giant rocket ship. (Mostly because men designed most of the sex toys before 1984.)

Ladies, you should have great empathy for the women that came (he he, no pun intended) before us who had to deal with those crazy, hard, enormous rocket ship sex toys. BLECK!  You still see them sometimes used in adult films. The big chrome or gold looking rocket ship stype vibes that seem to be very prevalent in porn. It may be that the use those as they may film better or have a more visual appeal to men. Not sure, but I am waiting for some good adult movies where they actually use a fabulous toy like the Original Rabbit Pearl, the Rabbit Habit or one that I think would be really awesome in an adult film is the PEARL THUNDER which has a light inside the shaft and lights up your vajayjay very pretty in a dark bedroom! “Wooo hoo” as my friend would say.

Now, back to the “Variety is the Spice of Life Rule” for the bedroom. Yes, the 5 Speed bullet is my go to. I love it, but that doesn’t mean I love my Rabbit Habit any less. And, because we know not everyone wants to spend $100 on a sex toy, we do carry the copies or “knock offs” of the rabbits. We have a $60 rabbit called the Aqua EZ Bend and we have the Lucid Rabbits made by Doc Johnson. We also have the Synergy Rabbit and even Vibratex makse 15 or 20 styles of rabbits as they also know that each person is unique and has her own unique orgasm needs.

Women often tell me that they cannot buy a rabbit as their husbands/boyfriend/booty call will not like it or will feel replaced by the rabbit. I challenge those women to do some online shopping with their partner on our sex toy wesite and show him some of the rabbits. Make sure he knows that they may look 10″ from top to bottom, but typically only about 3″ to 4″ are insertable. And, you can use them together. They are especially fun to use when your partner is holding you, possibly making out with you and has one arm under your neck or back and the toy in their other hand.

The rabbits (like all sex toys) are not a replacement at all. They are designed to enhance your sex life and not replace your partner. I have a feeling once those “intimidated” men see what a rabbit can do for their female partner, they will embrace it as ZEALOUSLY as “Charlotte” did on that now famous episode of  HBO’s “Sex & The City.”

I am not suggesting you buy a rabbit if you are brand new to sex toys. It might make more sense to start with a bullet style toy first and then graduate to the rabbit. But, I can tell you this…. when you invest in one of the rabbits from Vibratex and you take good care of it (clean it with a baby wipe, take the batteries out in between use) it will last you 5, 10 maybe even 15 years because they make them with that kind of quality and that kind of care.

Tell us what you think. Do you have a rabbit? Do you love it? I’d love to hear your opinions of our toys and the toys you currently own. Which one is your GO TO? Which sex toys would you buy if you had an extra $150 laying around?

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