5 Sexy Gift Ideas for your Sexy Santa from BlissConnection.com

by Chrystal Bougon on December 13, 2009

Santas Bitch

Santa's Bitch

Do you have a special Christmas Eve tradition with your sweetie? If not, now is the time to create one! Thanks to a fabulous idea from one of our customers, we have created a list of ideas for your Naughty Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

5 Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas to buy for our Sexy Santa: Special gifts for him from BlissConnection.com

1.  Adam Glasser (aka, Seymour Butts) has a new book out called ROCK HER WORLD.  From the BNBN website: “this professional Casanova reveals the naked truth about getting laid, addressing the nittygritty questions that amateur sexperts never even thought to ask.”

2.  At our co-ed pleasure parties, we find that men buy three things with some regularity. Porn. Lube. Doggy Style Strap.  Our guess is that men love Doggy Style for a few obvious reasons. Any day they can get our butts in the air is a good day for men??? We also know that when we are in that position, the vagina compresses and likely makes for a tighter fit – because we know for women that everything feels much bigger in that position.

3.  How about a special pair of panties, a new red bra or something NEW and sexy  that only you and he know you are wearing on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Men are visual. Men love girls to wear girl things. And, men feel special when you buy something special with them in mind.  Have fun with it! It will build up some anticipation and bring some sizzle to your holiday. (For our curvy customers, check out www.HipsAndCurves.com for some sassy great for curvy girls.)    

4.  Take a walk on the wild side and surprise him with some SEX FURNITURE. Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a fantasy sex stool or some other item that implies lots of (hot) FUTURE sex … which trust me, this can only be good for you! He will be so excited that you bought something a little naughty and that you were thinking of SEX in the FUTURE with him. LOL!  (Or even just a little bottle of some Happy Penis even implies future attention to his beloved penis.)

5.  If your guy is a good sport and up for anything, we have some really great games for adults. (But, from what we can tell many men can be a stick in the mud when it comes to the adult games.) One of our favorites is the STRIP CHOCOLATE  for obvious reasons! If he has a sweet tooth for more then just you, this luxurious game that includes body chocolate can make for a very fun evening in!      

strip chocloate

strip chocloate

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