50 Shades of Grey : 50 Shades of Kinky

by Chrystal Bougon on March 29, 2012


Have you been hearing all of the buzz about the trilogy called “50 Shades of Grey“?  Or as they called it on Good Morning America, “Mommy Porn.” Every time I turn around I am hearing a news report or reading a magazine article about this erotica sweeping the nation. You can’t even order a copy of this book on Amazon at the moment. Well, you can if you have a Kindle. And, I hear MORE women download it to their Kindle then buy it at the stores so they do not have to be embarassed about walking around with this book in their hands. (I wish I could sell this book or download on our online sex toy store BlissConnection.com – this is the perfect kind of product for our customers!)

I first heard about this “50 Shades” trilogy from a close (married) friend of mine who is not a big fan of sex. (Yes, even I have friends that do not like sex. I take it as a personal challenge, though. I’ve known this woman for over 20 years so we do talk about it a lot and I am always working and looking for things I can share with her to see if I can help her with her desire for more sex.) She hosts a Bliss Pleasure Party about once a year. She refers me to her friends. She buys some of our best sellers like the Coochy Shave Cream and our Eros luxury lubricant on a regular basis from me… and she still is just not really into sex. She is just one of those women who has a low libido. Her husband has learned to deal with it  and she does her best to take care of him when she can muster up the urge.

But, then something happened. One day, out of the blue, she texted me “Chrystal. You have to go and buy a copy of “50 Shades of Grey.” Suddenly I am horny all of the time and now my husband is hiding from me because I am begging him for it all of the time. He even fakes like he is asleep sometimes at night. CB. You would be so proud.”

Ok, let me start by saying YES, I was a little verklempt for her. She has had much angst over this desparity in their sex drive. She worries about it and she stresses about it. And, I know it means a lot to her to make sure her husband is happy. So this was big news and it made me so incredibly happy and curious. So, I went and downloaded it to my Kindle. It turns out there are 3 versions and I guess I started with the one that is more BDSM focused.

The style of writing is not my favorite style, but I can say that the BDSM scenarios she writes about are very interesting and provocative. I have a feeling, for regular women and soccer Moms, these sorts of kinky scenarios may be very new to them and so by default, very stimulating and a little bit taboo. My guess is that most “typical” married women have not really experienced these kind of Bondage and very submissive/domme themes so I can see where this is VERY new and exciting and stirring up all kinds of fantasies these women did not even know they had.

While I can’t say it’s necessarily something I love reading, I do LOVE anything that helps couples to have a more robust and juicy sex life. If these books help women to unlock some of their inner fantasties then that is all I need to hear. (And, remember fantasies are just that. Fantasies. Some fantasies are much better left as fantasies. )

And, if these books help to create coversation among couples to talk about their sex lives then thta is a HUGE and important. Seriously, married people rarely talk about their sex lives. Strike that. Married people have very little TIME to talk about their sex lives. Long term couples rarely put SEX or Discuss Sex Life on their calendars. (I wish they would, but it’s just not realistic.)

I would LOVE to hear your opinions about these books if you’ve read them. Did you like it? Did it spark some new fantasies for you and your lover? Did you find reading “50 Shades of Grey” amped up your sex life? Inquring minds wanna know!

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WordActress April 16, 2012 at 10:54 am

Chrystal – I’m with you, sort of, that is I don’t completely get the hype about
50 Shades. As a writer, I REALLY don’t get the hype, but I digress! Like you, I’ve always liked sex, partner or not, so the soccer Mom
I-don’t-like-sex or I-don’t-like-sex-with-my-husband is not relatable to me.
But I love that more people are having sex. Those poor husbands that put up
with this! 

And you know, sweetie, I love, love, love your products and I love that you
now have the tie in with 50 Shades of Grey. WIN/WIN! 

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