Daily Sex Bible author Susan Crain Bakos on Better Sex Radio

by Chrystal Bougon on January 26, 2011


So excited to talk with Susan this week. Susan is a sex blogger and author and she always gives a fantastic interview. If you want to read a blog that KEEPS IT REAL and gives what you might call NO B.S. advice and information, check out Susan’s “Sexy Prime” blog http://sexyprime.typepad.com/ 

Susan also has some extraodinary books and her latest book is the chubby little book called “Daily Sex Bible” and is jam packed with a new idea and inspiration for every day of the year. From the book blurb on Amazon.com:

“Daily Sex Bible brings excitement back to the bedroom with daily activities for seduction, foreplay, and intercourse. Whether you’re in the mood for acrobatic positions, toe-tingling oral sex, or sensual foreplay this guide gives hundreds of options.”

You want to have the BEST YEAR OF SEX YET, right?  You can buy Susan’s book on Amazon or just click here to buy her cool, colorful and lush book with 365 tips and ideas!  Tune in to Better Sex Radio at 11 a.m. January 26th to hear our saucy interview.  www.blogtalkradio.com/blissradio to hear us live. You can also hear all of our podcasts on www.BlissOniTunes.com

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