eWomen: Fab resource for you to grow your business

by Chrystal Bougon on June 2, 2010

I “found my tribe.” I attended my first eWomen Network event 3 years ago this month!I remember when I came home from the meeting I was all keyed up and excited. I walked in the door and just started going on and on and on about it. My “husband/partner/s.o.” said it best.  He said “I think you finally found your tribe, Chrystal.”  He was so right!

http://www.EWNSJ.com is the local Silicon Valley chapter’s website which has all of the information you need to know about the local events that are hosted by our Managing Director, Kristy Rogers. There are 3 events per month every month so you should be able to find one that works for your schedule.

eWomen is a fantastic resource for local business owners who want to GROW their businesses. It’s been instrumental in the growth of my ONLINE business and my HOME PARTY business. My favorite thing about the eWomen philosophy of Accelerated Networking is that it’s their policy to “GIVE FIRST.” I think that is what really got me all psyched the first time I attended. It was the first networking meeting where I actually felt like the other people in the room REALLY HEARD me. They weren’t all just trying to force their business or service on me.  They weren’t all trying to FORCE their business cards on me. They truly wanted to know how they could help me! WHOA! This room of total strangers want to help me? Why?Well, the WHY is because that is Kristy’s way. She created this group with the GIVE FIRST method herself and it translated all the way down to even the newest newbies like me that day 3 years ago.

And, the cool thing about it is, the more you GIVE and the more you SHARE and HELP the other members, the better it is for your business. It’s like the GOOD KARMA method of networking. Brilliant, right?  I just love going to the meetings and when I can’t make it due to scheduling issues, I MISS my eWomen friends and the energy and excitement of the meetings.

Fantastic speakers, smart and savvy business owners, fab new friends, yummy meals, accelerated networking and a SUPER powerful Yahoo Group to go along with it all. If you are in business and you are looking for ways to connect and grow your business, please come check us out.

If you are a first time guest, you can attend for $45. Just call Kristy at 408-288-8484 to get registered and tell her you read this blog! She will give you the FIRST TIME GUEST discount and if you email me or call me ahead of time, I can try to be there the same day you attend your first meeting so we can sit together and I can make some introductions for you. But, MOST OF ALL, be sure to bring your best “How Can I Help You” attitude as I promise it will come back to you and your business in the form of GOOD BUSINESS KARMA.

You can also email our Fearless Leader at KristyRogers@eWomenNetwork.com for more information or check out the list of upcoming events at  http://www.EWNSJ.com and check out the 3 local events in June or July!


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