How do you find your mojo again?

by Chrystal Bougon on July 18, 2011

How do you find your mojo again?

I read the most interesting article the other day about whether or not you can get in the mood after you have already determined you are SO NOT IN THE MOOD.  This article talked to men and women about certain times in their relationship when they had no mojo for each other. It could be a situational thing where they were mad at each other for a day;  or it could be one of those marriages/relationships where the sex just stopped from all of the resentment and every day stuff that can sometimes drive couples apart.

So that got me to thinking….  we have an awesome Bliss community here. Let’s share! How do you get out of your funk with your partner. What things have you done to get you back on track. How do you simmer down after an argument to have that yummy ANGRY sex? Or, how have you and your sweetie gotten your sex life back on track?

Are there certain actions or words your partner does that will TURN YOU ON NO MATTER HOW MAD YOU ARE? What do you need to feel that mojo again?

I’d love to hear your input and we can all use this as a resource for ideas for when we are in those tricky situations. So, share away please. I think this will be an interesting blog / thread.

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