Orgasm Girl is back… and she has a very strong forearm

by Chrystal Bougon on July 30, 2009

The Curious Case of the Unusually Strong Forearm (By guest blogger “Orgasm Girl”)
I started masturbating at the age of 7. I remember how and when it happened, sitting there is my second grade classroom. As it turns out, I really liked it, and became an expert by the age of 8.
Now if a young girl continually gets a one-arm workout growing up, let’s say several times a week, she’s going to overdevelop one arm significantly as she matures. Inadvertently my right forearm is 3x the size of my left, which wasn’t so bad going through school; I threw a mean dodgeball and beat boys arm-wrestling.

Throughout my youth I’ve lied about the manly size of my right forearm, but it just came down to the fact I loved to masturbate. Sometimes I’d work my magic to the point of pure arm exhaustion, yet to go to multiple rounds after a moment’s rest. It also exercised my mind, the way a young girl fantasizes about scenarios and boys she finds ‘cute’. The mind is the most powerful erotic zone in our entire body!
I attribute my early expertise in masturbating to the fact I am a highly orgasmic woman now. I know my body extremely well, and am in complete control of my pleasure whether I’m alone or with my husband.
It’s a shame that masturbating is frowned upon by parents, teachers, and the church. Children are taught to associate it with being ‘dirty’ or ‘illicit’. My parents never insinuated it was good or bad; we didn’t talk about it. But I do remember the influence of television and sex education at school giving the entire notion of sex, (alone or with someone) as a bad idea. I know it was one of the healthiest avenues of self discovery I had as a kid.
These days I’m a lazy masturbator and use a trusty vibrator or a good stream of water in the shower. The only workout my forearm gets is at the gym lifting weights! I’m a high degree black belt in masturbating, and I feel I’ve earned my stripes to do it the easy way and give my arm a rest.
But ever so often it’s important for even the “Master”-bator to head back to the basics. I’ll toss aside the sex toys and remember the long-trained skills of my curiously strong forearm. Practice makes perfect.

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