Sex (and touch) is a “biological imperative” like breathing and eating.

by Chrystal Bougon on March 13, 2010

Chemistry of Connection

Chemistry of Connection

Join Susan Kuchinskas to learn all about the chemistry of connection. According to Susan, sex isn’t a luxury or a special privilege reserved for certain kinds of relationships. It’s a biological imperative that’s just as important as the need to eat and breathe. (Tune in on St. Patty’s Day, March 17th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific as we stream live on

Science has begun to unravel the mysteries of love and sex. It’s found that sex, love and health are really one thing. And the thing that connects them is oxytocin. We’ll discuss all the terrific things that oxytocin, the chemical of love and connection, does for your body and brain. We’ll explain why sex is one of the best ways to boost your supply.

We have lots of FUN topics to talk with Susan about this week on Better Sex Radio. Love these PROVOCATIVE bullets:
Why women may feel bonded after sex, even if they don’t want to
Whey men want sex and women want to cuddle
How to have loving sex without being “in love”
Why it’s a good thing when the romance dies
Why orgasmic birth is every woman’s right — and every baby’s
How sex toys activate ancient neural systems

Susan Kuchinskas is author of  A CHEMISTRY CONNECTION (link to Amazon) She also writes the blog,  HUG THE MONKEY which is recognized as one of the most authoritative sources for information about the chemistry of bonding.

I also want to talk with Susan about a topic I read on her blog about TOUCH and maybe it explains why I like to HUG everyone! I love a great handshake, but where it’s appropriate, I like to hug my friends and their friends and so on and so on! Touch is so important  and you just never know when a hug can change someone’s life! When I worked in high tech way back when, I worked with a person who was clearly in the closet about his sexuality.  He knew I knew and he knew I would NEVER judge him ever. (This was the early 90’s.) Well, long story short, he had HIV and then it later developed into full blown AIDS. I remember the day he told me, I got out of my chair to hug him and he had such a STRONG reaction. I stepped back and held his hand both of us with tears in our eyes (I am getting teary writing this) and he told me I was the first person that had touched him or hugged him in over two years! That broke a little piece of my heart permanately. I tried to hug him as often as I could (at work) up until he passed away.

Ok, back to business here. I am very excited to have Susan on the show next week and she is very media savvy so I am sure it will be a fantastic interview! Her many media appearances include Fox’s Mornings with Mike and Juliet, and Michael Roizin’s Health Radio Network. A veteran journalist, she writes the “Mind Matters” column for WebMD and reports on health and wellness for Health Behavior News Service and Miller-McCune Magazine.

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Susan March 14, 2010 at 11:41 am

We definitely can talk about touch of all kinds, Chrystal. This will be fun!

Colby Simon March 22, 2019 at 6:07 pm

It is wonderful

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