If you were to take yourself out on a date, where would you go?

by Chrystal Bougon on February 17, 2010

Secret to Ultimate Living

Secret to Ultimate Living

My friend and accomplished life coach Susan Liddy had this on her “Secret to Ultimate Living” blogsite and I just loved it so much, I had to ask her permission to STEAL this idea and post it on my blog, too. 

Susan asked her readers on her blog  “If you were to take yourself out on a date, where would you go?” Please click over to her blog and read the results.  But, I want to ask you each the same question and I am excited to read your answers here. 

Please post your own Dream Date and, if you own a business or write a blog, please post your URL in your COMMENT that way the various readers can connect with you. (If you are single, maybe this will result in some special kind of Bliss Connection…but, you do not have to be single to reply.) We want to hear everyone’s dream date.  Straight, gay, male, female, single, married, it’s complicated… post for us your dream date and let’s keep it going. Who knows who you might inspire.

I will post this on our Facebook Fan Page, too. If you want to connect with us on Facebook, our fan page is http://www.Facebook.com/BlissConnection  and we would love to count you as a Bliss fan.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

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