Pole Dancing and Stripper Poles For Your Home

by Miss Bliss on September 26, 2012

That’s right ladies and gentlemen; stripper poles for pole dancing are now available for your home! These stripper poles are becoming more and more popular in homes all around the country. There are many different varieties of poles to choose from. These are called portable poles and there are only a few things you need to know before making your purchase.  I have outlined them here for you.

Have you ever heard the expression measure twice, cut once? While there is no cutting involved in pole dancing, do make sure your measuring is 100% accurate. Measuring the height of your ceiling is my most important piece of advice. These are called portable stripper poles because they can be put up and taken down quickly, however, if you want to do inversions and really give it a work out, you should install the hardware in your ceiling or floor. Here are tips from www.BlissConnection.com on buying your very own home stripper pole.

1. Most ceilings seem to be about 8 feet tall (or 96 inches). Now, this could change if you live in a condo/apartment or if your house is older. Also, sometimes, newer homes have higher ceilings. So again, MEASURE before you make your purchase.  The pole with the most wiggle room to adjust to different heights is the TLC Portable Private Dancer Pole.  This pole will work with ceilings anywhere from 7’4” up to 9’2” tall and can be used without the hardware. If you do not want to install the hardware on your ceiling, it can be used with the compression system (wedged tightly between the floor and the ceiling.) However, we strongly recommend that you install the bolt in the ceiling to avoid any accidents.  Some more details about the Private Dancer Pole:

  • It comes with adjustable heights.
  • It has rubber non-slip pads to protect the floor and ceiling.
  • It can be used on hardwood or carpet flooring.
  • It is made from heavy duty steel for longevity.
  • The kit includes an erotic pole dancing instructional DVD, black feather boa, black lace garter and fake money.
  • It comes with installation instructions and can be used with or without screws.

2.  If you plan of really giving your pole a workout and want to do tricks like hanging upside down, the strongest and sturdiest pole seems to be the My Sexy Stripper Pole from Sweet Lust. This stripper pole also has bolt attachments for the ceiling. It is very easy to put up and take down, but you must install the bolt attachments to have the strength and stability required for spins and so on (the weight limit for all poles is 200lbs).  You can view the installation instructions on our shopping site at: MY SEXY POLE. More details about My Sexy Pole:

  • It works with ceilings 7’5 to 8’5 high.
  • It is great for beginners to advanced levels.
  • The pole is removable and only needs one screw in the ceiling to make it sturdy and stable.
  • It comes with an instructional DVD and booklet, along with tips, techniques and routines for both exercise and exotic pole dancing entertainment at home.

Link for Easy to Install Stripper Poles Instructions: http://sweetlusthk.com/downloads/Sexy%20Pole%20Instructions%204-10-07.pdf

3. Carmen Electra has a very cool stripper pole too. It works with ceiling heights 7’2” to 8’6”.  More details about the Carmen Electra Pole:

  • It can be put up and taken down in 5 minutes.
  • It includes an assembly DVD.
  • It is adjustable to different ceiling heights.
  • It comes with a carry and storage bag.

View the Pole Video on the manufacturer’s site: http://www.electrapole.com/action.php. BlissConnection sells the Carmen Electra Pole for $160 and we pay the ground shipping, so shipping is free to the lower 48 states. There is only tax applied if it’s shipping into California. You can also use our coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off.

I should mention that all of these stripper poles work best with the type of ceilings that have NO texture (meaning the popcorn texture does not work well as it can create a flat spot on your ceiling if you put it up and take it down often). The My Sexy Pole is by far our best selling stripper pole and it is very simple to install and very simple take down – just in case you have company or your Mother In Law is coming over for dinner.

Also, if you would like to hear our radio show where we talked about how to buy a stripper pole, you can listen to our podcast about how to buy the right pole for your home on Better Sex Radio. Just log on to www.WSRadio.com/BetterSexRadio

There are other poles, too, that we don’t sell. For example, if you want a stage with your pole, you have to pay upwards of $400 and buy one of the Platinum Stage Poles. Lil Mynx also offers a beautiful pole – but I suggest you buy their poles direct from them. It’s important you email them or call them and let them know exactly where you plan to use it and exactly what height you want your pole. They can even custom cut a pole for you. The platinum stages poles and the Lil Mynx poles are not as easy to put up and take down, but they will allow for a very rigorous workout and are more like professional poles for a gym, pole dancing studio or for a gentleman’s club.


If you have additional questions, give us a call at 408-600-8371 or toll free at 866-200-9475 and we can help you find the right stripper pole for you. (You can call it a FITNESS POLE, too!)



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Virtual Girl May 7, 2013 at 2:37 am

i’ve misplaced the istructions to my sexy little pole and the link you have doesn’t work. Would you happen to have them? Thanks for the help

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