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by Chrystal Bougon on October 20, 2009

We are FINALLY offering our first Bliss Oral Sex Seminar. For LADIES ONLY! We are sponsoring an Oral Sex Seminar & Reception at a very sassy and special location in Campbell. (To protect everyone’s privacy, we will only give out the address for the class to the women who pay to reserve their space in this class.)
If you BUY your spot today, you can take advantage of the $65 Early Bird price. To read more about the SEMINAR, you can click to our online store where we have set up the class description for you and have made it simple to pay for with one CLICK on

This class will include wine and cheese… emphasis on the glass of wine before the seminar to relax any jitters. The class will be lead by Sex Coach, Catherine Toyooka, and you can also practice the techniques she is teaching you during the course (on your own toy) or you can just watch. We realize everyone has a different comfort level with this, so feel free to participate at any level you are comfortable with.  Either way, everyone gets to take their new toy home with them!
Each student will recieve their own toy and flavored condom to practice with and to take home. (Again, you do not have to practice yourself if you do not want to.) The toy is a NON vibrating sex toy that is 6″ tall and has a suction cup/stand to allow it to stay upright. $24 value for this special toy.
Chrystal Bougon, Sex Expert & Pleasure Coach, will also be sharing some thoughts and ideas for better oral sex and will be facilitating a Sex, Dating & Flirting Q & A after the demo. (WE will even have a way for you to drop ANONYMOUS questions into a box to ask your more embarassing questions.)
And, if you donate an OLD CELL PHONE at the door, we will donate them to a local woman’s shelter. For your donation, I will give you a $10 gift certificate to use on my website . A local women’s shelter spruces them up and then gives them to women who need to FLEE their abuser. It’ a great cause and I would love it if we could help them in this way.

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