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by Chrystal Bougon on August 23, 2009


WOW! I am so excited. I am leaving at 9pm to drive up to San Francisco to the CBS studio for my IN STUDIO interview with Emily Morse, the host of Sex With Emily on 97.3 FM.  We are going to talk about all kinds of fun stuff…maybe start off with what I have heard over the years from the women I have met here in the Bay Area about what it is they really want from sex. (For those of you who listened tonight, you can use the coupon code EMILY or ALICE on our sex toy store http://www.BlissConnection.com for a FREE gift with purchase, too.)

I have personally facilitated over 1,000 Bliss Parties since January 2003 and have talked privately and personally with over 10,000 local women (and a few men) about their fears, dysfunctions, kinks and everything else under the sun around their sex lives.

You have to remember, at a Pleasure Party, we are in someone’s home and they are all there with their girlfriends. There is usually a glass of wine or two involved, too. In fact, I often share my NAUGHTY COCKTAIL RECIPES  with our pleasure party hostesses before each party – some fun stuff on that list like Pink Panty Droppers and Knock You Naked Margaritas….. a little social lubricant never hurt anyone!  Because they are comfortable and have a glass of wine or two, they SHARE with me all about the sex they are having or NOT having.  I always feel great that they feel they can open up to me. They know they can trust me not to judge them and I will suggest some ideas that might help.

Hell  – sometimes ( a lot of the time) I learn from them! Ideas, techniques, and about things I have never heard of!

So, I do have a lot of insight and have heard some VERY funny stories over the years. We are always working hard at elevating the concept of sex at Bliss. We are on a mission to bring SEXY back to Silicon Valley and to all of our bedrooms. Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex and more sex, too.

Wish me luck tonight. I am a teeny bit nervous, but mostly just super excited to join Emily on her show. I am a huge fan of hers and have been listening to her on and off again on the radio late at night talking about sex. MY FAVORITE SUBJECT of course.  Check out Emily’s blog/website and you can also download her podcasts from previous shows on her site  http://www.SexWithEmily.com

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