10 Things Men Dislike in bed – from Madame “B”

by Chrystal Bougon on May 1, 2009

This  BlissConnection.com blog post is from a guest writer we are calling “Madame B.”  “Madame B” is one of our long time Bliss customers who is, ahem,  VERY experienced.  She is a self described “reformed escort” who has has many years of experience “servicing” men in Nevada. She now lives a very quiet life in the Santa Cruz Mountains and would like to remain anonymous….though she is not “off the grid” totally….. LOL… she does order from our online store on occasion ….. so our UPS guy knows who she is.

I asked her to tell us what she learned in her years in Nevada and she sent us this  “10 Things Men Dislike in Bed” blog post.  Thank you “Madame B” – I am sure our Bliss Community will enjoy this. Guys, let us know if you agree with her or not.

Madame B

Madame B

1. Men dislike a passive partner during sex.  Some women fall into the habit of just laying there during intercourse, expecting the pleasure to just happen.  Be active.  Express yourself through sounds and touch.  This will help your partner understand what you enjoy during sex so that he won’t be left in the dark.

2. Some women mistakenly believe that men do not enjoy being kissed, but that’s simply not true. Men like to be kissed as much as women; kissing his entire body is a great way to increase the passion in the bedroom.

3. Sometimes control over the situation is left entirely in the man’s hands. Women should not be afraid to take control at times. Some men enjoy being told what to do in the bedroom. And some men REALLY enjoy being told what to do in the bedroom.

4. Treat your partner sensitively. Don’t keep the focus on yourself. Help your partner feel all the pleasure you yourself feel. Be sure to share your vibrator or nipple clamps with him, too. Toys are for girls and boys.

5. Give a little pleasure to get a little pleasure. Men are sometimes under the impression that women don’t enjoy, or simply don’t care about, sex. Show him that you are invested in giving him pleasure and he is sure to reciprocate.

6. Don’t be afraid to let your partner know that you are enjoying his ministrations. Some women repress their expressions, especially during sexual intercourse. Making a little noise will encourage your partner and he will better understand what you enjoy. It’s so much more pleasureable when you give a “mmmmmm” or a “yes, right there” comment to your partner so he knows you are enjoying what you are doing.  Don’t be phony, but he wants to hear you just like you want to hear him.

7. If you worry that your sex life is getting boring, take action! Keep your activities fresh with a new outfit or a new toy.  This is where http://www.BlissConnection.com comes in. Keep your UPS driver busy. Order from Chrystal’s website and treat you and your partner to a little sumthin sumthin to spice things up in your boudior. (or dungeon)

8. Men want to feel desired.  Take initiative and show your man you want to have sex with him. Initiate lovemaking every once in a while and your man will definitely enjoy the change in pace.

9. The mood you have worked so hard to achieve can be ruined if you begin to tidy up right after sex. Don’t act like the act of intimacy has soiled your bed. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the post-coital satisfaction with your partner.

10. Don’t be afraid to speak up in the bedroom.  While talking too much about random topics can kill the mood for a man, most enjoy a little dirty talk or knowing how much he has pleased you.

Hopefully employing a few of these tips will help you maintain your man’s interest and improve your sex life. I have also been to any Bliss Pleasure Parties and they are the best! You and your friends will be so inspired by Bliss and their very sexy presentations of their sex toys.  They will go a long ways to improve your sex life! We will have “Madame B” on our Better Sex Radio show very soon, for a follow up.


Thanks again to “Madame B” for her guest blog and all of her great ideas. I have to say I agree 100% with all of her points…..and she is an EXPERT so take it from her.  Blissfully, Chrystal   www.BlissConnection.com


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