BO Male C-Ring from got 5 Stars

by Chrystal Bougon on April 30, 2009

BO got “BEST IN TEST” and was given 5 +  in Aftonbladet Swedish Newspaper !

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Lelo does it again

Lelo does it again

The test was conducted between 10 “new comers” to the adult pleasure object industry. The products tested were, We Vibe, Fun factory El Love, Art in Vibrations, Rabbit and others. BO from LELO got the highest score in testing amongst couples!
“Fastest orgasm ever!”
This spring’s new sex toys, “I had a long orgasm after 2 minutes!” Our panel has tried this year’s what’s HOT and what’s NOT of sex toys.
Appearance: BO exudes luxury, style, elegance, quality, discretion. The money you pay isn’t JUST for the elegant box it comes in.
Feeling: Hallelujah! Easier to use than most vibrating men’s rings because it avoids the hassle of dealing with batteries. One hour worth of charge is enough for four hours of play time. Wonderful vibration for us both. BO is quiet and stimulating in the right places and a difference was immediately noticed.
LELO is increasingly recognized as a brand with strong values, visual and functional sex appeal and professional execution. Aesthetically, our pleasure objects are characterized by discretion, avoiding stereotypical anatomical design language. Beautiful in their own right, wonderfully functional as erotic toys, LELO’s pleasure objects are designed to be sexy and timeless like no others.

Congratulations to LELO for this awesome toy and thank you so much to Shaye Saldana, with LELO, for this guest blog!  WE carry 6 or 7 of Lelo’s products on our sex toy store including their rechargeable sex toys.


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