We “amore” the Cal Exotics Amorous Petite “twice as nice” vibe

by Chrystal Bougon on February 22, 2010

Amorous Vibe

Amorous Vibe

Every single time I show  the  Cal Exotics Amorous “petite couture collection” pink 4.75″ rabbit style vibrator at one of our Bliss Pleasure Parties, I get a chorus of “ooooooh, what is that?”

It’s all about the SWIRL that gets them drooling and suddenly paying close attention to me! The tip – the top 1.5″ of this toy – swirls and spins around very gently and seductively. (It’s almost like a gentle tongue action as it spins around.)  BUY AMOROUS HERE

It helps that this vibrator is very pretty, sleek and super quiet. It quietly rotates around at the tip while the dolphin looking nose vibrates with 7 speeds of pulsations and escalations for clitoral stimulation.  The rotating shaft has three speeds. Change them all around for all kinds of different combinations of fun.  If you have ever read my blog at all, you know the TLC 5 Speed Bullet is my all time favorite toy ever. This Amorous Vibe toy has 7 speeds! As Wendy Williams would say ” how you doin?”

I am a big fan of the petite couture collection from Cal Exotics. This line of products from Cal Exotics is luxurious, well crafted, sleek, pretty, not tacky or too obtuse. Very discreet, soft lines and curves designed for the soft lines and curves of a woman’s body. FINALLY is all I have to say.

This toy from Cal Exotics is also made with medical grade silicone so it is made with body safe materials and has a very velvety feel to the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. Again, they have the cool new battery pack which is easy to open and close. It has a water tight seal so you can use it in your bed or in your tub. (Oh yah!) The Amorous vibe has lots of power thanks to the 3 AAA batteries and is super quiet. It’s definitely one of the quietest toys we have tried in a very long time. The noise level is a real concern for women who get distracted by the sound and for women with kids who don’t want to ADVERTISE to their family that they are using a vibrator. The super quiet toys can help women stay focused on the moment and not have their brain drift off wondering WHO can hear them playing with their toy. (Oh and the buttons are super easy to click and press, too.)

We are giving this toy 4.5 out of 5 hearts on the BlissConnection.com heart throb scale!  Way to go Cal Exotics and thank you for listening to our customers and those of us who hear from women on a daily basis that we want quality, quiet, waterproof, body safe materials and toys that are artful! You delivered and we AMORE the AMOROUS.

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