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by Chrystal Bougon on March 26, 2012


Some samples of this Cannabis Lube showed up the other day on my door step. Always love when sex toys, lube or sex furniture just show up on my office door. Some of you have heard me say my UPS guy does not make eye contact with me. It’s true. He is so embarassed because sometimes some toys ship with batteries in them and they arrive via UPS buzzing. I guess that gives new meaning to “may shift during shipping.”

The lube is labeled “100% euphoric” but I seriously doubt you will notice any kind of euphoria from the lube – but maybe from the ahhh-mazing sex you have with it? I like that idea. I did not notice any kind of marijuana flavor to the lube. But, if you have any special stoners in your life -this lube would make a great gift.

We do sell this lube on our sex toy website and our blog readers can use the coupon code BLOG for 15% off of your purchase. We also pay the shipping when you spend $45 or more on our very tasteful online romance store. The lube has great flavor and will make any penis, schweddy balls or nipples you get up close and personal with taste and smell much sweeter!

Have you tried this cannabis lube, yet? We’d love to hear your feelings about it and if you liked the flavors and the way the lube worked. Please comment here or share with us on ou Facebook page :

Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

Sex Toy Expert and our Pleasure Party website is and we do Pleasure Parties all over the Bay Area.



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