Lubricant by EROS – possibly the best lube ever!

by Chrystal Bougon on October 10, 2009

We love this lubricant at and if you attend one of our pleasure parties, you will hear us going on and on about how great this personal lubricant is!
Eros Lube

Eros Lube

For starters, it NEVER EVER dries out or gets sticky….ever. That’s right. No stickiness, no seizing up in the middle of your “job” , no tackiness, no using water to get it working again….it just always works. Silky, slick, with an almost velvety, natural feel to it. Especially great for sensitive women: No Preservatives, No Fragrance, No Flavor – therefore no ingredients that will cause you to feel itchy, irritated, annoyed, uncomfortable and it has no ingredients that could cause you to feel that little tingle or burning sensations. (Yes, some lubes make us feel that way guys!)

It also leaves your skin extra soft and you don’t have to jump out of bed to take a shower to get the uncomfortable, sticky, itchy gel off (I know for me, most water based lubes give me the urge to shower A.S.A.P.).  It’s a really fabulous moisturizer and you can leave it on your skin (or your Va Jay Jay) until your next shower where it will wash off with a mild soad and warm water. In fact, you may want to just leave it on as it feels that good.

This lube works great for a full body massage and a little bit goes a long ways. This is a LESS IS MORE product. It’s not like Astroglide or KY where you have to constantly reapply. This silicone based lube rides on the surface of your skin and will never absorb into your skin like water based lubricants do.

This lube is condom compatible (and GOD knows condoms dry everything out). It’s also great for use with toys because toys can also dry women out. I read in one of the trade mags once that most condoms have a teeny bit of silicone lube inside them so when your partner wears the condom, it make the condom feel better for the wearer.

Again, there is NO fragrance, NO flavor, and NO preservatives which also make this a super female friendly lubricant. There are no products in this lube to make you feel covered in an itchy gel … and because it’s not water based, it’s not FREEZING cold out of the bottle like most water based lubes. Many water based lubes have a glycerin derivative in them and that is what makes women feel itchy. Some women associate sex with a yeast infection and I am pretty sure that those women are using those cheap lubes that have sugar or parabens in them. Baaaaaad news for the vagina. Sugar messes up the ph balance for women and that can cause all kinds of issues for us.

This is a very silky, slick, sensual lubricant that feels very natural and is great for women who have issues self lubricating as well. It feels very natural for both partners and it’s safe for all forms of sex including anal sex. (Actually, it’s especially good for anal sex because it is long lasting and NO BURN since no fragrance!)  Other uses for the lube include: Moisturizer for your ashy or dry elbows and heels. You can use it to shave your legs with. You can put it in your hair like biosilk (no alcohol or fragrance like biosilk, though.) Makes your cuticles look great and keeps your pedicure looking good for an extra day or two, as well!

Can you tell we LOVE this lube?

Many celebrities have endorsed this lubricant as well. They may be paid to do that, so I won’t mention their names here but I think once you try it, you will never buy lube at Safeway or Walgreens again. Use the coupon code EROS09 on our VERY TASTEFUL ONLINE ROMANCE STORE and get a FREE 30 ml travel size Eros with $50 purchase.

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Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon


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Korenna Reynard April 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Hmmmm, great with toys? Really? I was under the impression that silicone based lubes can erode most toys. Has this not been your experience, or is this particular silicone lube an exception?


Chrystal Bougon April 24, 2010 at 9:28 am

Hey Korenna. The only rule is that you cannot use silicone lube on silicone toys. But, you can use silicone for yourself and on any other toy that is not made with silicone. (There are some other exceptions – like if you have the REALLY high end silicon toys with the “medical grade” silicone then it’s o.k., but most people are not sure what kind of silicone toy they have so it’s better to be safe then sorry.) Like Most adult products – there’s not a regulation so some of the silicone lube makers create lubes with the NON Medical Grade lube. Does that make sense?

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