Craziest Place Contest Winner!

by Chrystal Bougon on June 23, 2009

Thanks to for sponsoring our “Where’s the Craziest Place or Most Romantic Place  You Have Ever Had Sex” contest.  We are proud to announce the winner of the Lelo IRIS! And, we removed a few of the real specific details (removed the names) but posted the story here for you to read.

Lelo Iris

Lelo Iris

Thank you Shaye and for sponsoring this SASSY contest and for allowing our Bliss Community to play along. We narrowed it down to 3 stories and submitted them to to decide on the best story. and Contest Winning Essay:

This began as a shopping trip at the Gilroy Outlet Mall with my fairly new date. She went in to a fitting room try something on. “Oh, there’s room for two!” My hands were on her right away! My jeans were restraining a great force, which had to be released from containment. I turned her around… her back deliciously arched, and inviting…
Her gasps were not too quiet as she reached that state of bliss that far exceeds finding a great sale at the outlet mall; and with all the noise, I then realized it was time to get out of there!  Collecting both our composure and our clothes, we made our way to the door without pausing for the admonishing looks from the staff.

Wow! That was close! But by now, we were both filled with pure lust for each other. We went into Ralph Lauren. With a few things for her to “try on” she found the fitting room. The attendant was an older lady. Quite proper looking. English, maybe? My date needed a different size. “I’ll bring it in!”

We were soon all over each other. Her breaths and moans reached that familiar point where I knew she had become a happy shopper. And soon after… again! A two for one sale! And after catching some breaths, we both came to our senses. Hardly able to contain our moans of pleasure, we managed to regain some semblance of dress, and stepped out; into full view of the fitting room lady! Mary Poppins was giving us a look far worse than what was reserved for teenage shoplifters, and her disapproval followed us as we hastily made our way out.


Wow! Great story. Thanks so much to all of the entries and congrats to our Gilroy Outlet Friends for inspiring all of us to have better sex. Elevating the concept of sex. Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex.


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