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by Chrystal Bougon on October 4, 2009


I am so excited to finally formally mentor women business owners and be a part of Hatch Network. @hatchnetwork It’s something that I have been doing for a few years now, but this is a more formal way for me to really help women entrepenuers develop and execute on their business strategy. is going strong and our Bliss party business sailing along, too. Now I finally get to fully realize one of my 5 year goals and help women entrepenuers take their business to the next level.

Is your business READY for the economic turnaround that many experts are anticipating will begin in 2010? Do you have your strategy for 2010 and beyond mapped out? Do you need help crafting your message, branding your business, developing your business messaging, finding your customers, and understanding your competition? These are just some of the Weekly Topics we will explore in our 12 Week masterminds style program that we call a pod.

I am now a Mentor and am ready do start my first South Bay Hatch Pod at the end of October. Call me if you would like some more information. Tel 408-712-3809 so we can discuss if this is a good fit for you and your business.

Check out this cool video from the women who are in the current Easy Bay pod:

What You Get: You will be inspired as you progress through 12 exciting group sessions. You will be accountable to a team of people every week – and they will be accountable to you. You can expect mentorship and new business relationships. Confidence, momentum, creative inspiration, strategic focus, fun, constructive and productive feedback, the energy to power through the tough stuff, and crucial insight into the fundamental tools that every business needs to be successful. We call it a POD. The first pod is starting Tuesday Oct. 27th and the 12 Week Program is $1675 which amounts to $46 an hour for this small business workshop.

This curriculum is designed for the new business, or existing business, that needs to focus on their overall business strategy.
We call it “emerging” businesses. We do have some pre-requisites and you need to have some kind of business entity or atleast a business license to participate. This 12 week MASTERMINDING workshop is not for people trying to figure out which business they want to get into – it’s for women who have a business but do not know how to get it to the next level.

We will celebrate your a-has, hoorah’s and support you through your blahs! This will be a collaboration and as in a true “Master Minds” meetings, there will be peer review, lots of guided brainstorming, and group exercises to compliment each week’s curriculum.

Here is an outline of the 12 week program:
Segment 1:
1. Influence the Impact: Triple Bottom Line, Exit Strategy, Critical Thinking
2. Ideal Customer Description
3. Competitive Research
4. What to Charge, Psychology of Pricing
5. Brand, Branding, Branded
6. Financial Terms Intro, Overcoming Anxiety
7. Build Your Ideal Budget, Will You Make Enough?
Segment 2:
8. Sales Conversation Intro, Sound Bite Bank, Elevator Pitch, Qualification Questions, Overcoming Objections
9. Marketing Focus I, Current Business Trends, PR, Media and Technology
10. Marketing Focus II, Messaging
11. Be the CEO and Build Your Team
12. Final Wrap up – instruction to do your business story.
Graduation – and then THE NEXT 100 Days

We will have 8 to 10 women in the first pod. Give me a call to see if this program is right for your business!

Blissfully, Chrystal 408-712-3809


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