Masturbation tips for women from Ruby Room AOL in the UK

by Chrystal Bougon on October 3, 2009

7 Tips for Masturbation for Beginners (which we all know means women)

 is their subtitle. Can’t say it any better then that,  now can I. Love this article from the Ruby Room on AOL UK. I have included the link to the original article below so you can read their over corresponding blogs in this genre!  I loved this one so much I had to share.  This is by Ella Esmeralda of the Ruby Room on AOL.

“Increasing the amount of orgasms you have will also boost your appearance and health. The increased production of the sex hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, will make your hair gleam and your skin glow. Plus, orgasms are great for reducing your stress levels and helping fight against depression.

In order to masturbate successfully, it helps to understand the four stages of sexual arousal. These are: Excitement – your body feels increasingly excited. Plateau – your breathing and pulse rate increases and skin becomes flushed. Orgasm – rhythmic contractions through your body. Resolution – your body getting back to normal

Don’t worry if you don’t achieve orgasm at first – just keep trying. Aim to increase the amount of time you masturbate for and the frequency. With practice you’ll be able to regularly achieve all four stages of arousal. So if you really don’t know where to start, here are a few pointers.

1. Get completely relaxed

If you’re new to masturbation, you’ll find it helpful to set the scene. Have a candle-lit bath in luxurious bath oils and play sensual music. Have a glass or two of wine and then cover your body in lotion. Plan in advance where you’re going to masturbate – whether it’s the bedroom or the sofa, make sure there’s nothing in your way.

2. Make sure you’re alone

Don’t even attempt to masturbate unless you’re completely sure you’re alone and won’t be interrupted. Lock the doors, switch the phones off and draw the curtains. You need to be totally relaxed, so at this stage, privacy is a must.

3. Explore your body
You won’t be able to achieve expert knowledge of your body without taking a good look at it. Use a mirror and explore your vagina. Make sure you can identify your labia, vulva and most importantly your clitoris. As you explore, think about which areas you enjoy stimulating most, and look at them as you touch them. You may notice that your vagina becomes a darker colour the more turned on you get. This is due to the increased blood flow in the area.

4. Use a lubricant

Lubricants are very useful for masturbation. Often your natural vaginal lubrication doesn’t find its way to areas like the clitoris without a lot of stimulation, so using a lubricant means you can play with these areas much more quickly.

5. Know where to focus

Don’t head straight for your clitoris; you wouldn’t like it if a bloke did that! Begin by stroking your whole body. Touch your breasts and stomach before moving to your vagina. Touch just above or below your clitoris, before progressing to rubbing it in a circular motion. Experiment with putting one or two fingers inside your vagina and gently moving them around.

6. Let your fantasies run wild

The joy of masturbation is that the only limit is your imagination. You could fantasise about anything you like – remember, fantasies only exist in your mind. If you need help working out which fantasy scenarios work for you, consider reading some erotic fiction or try Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden.  (Her books are pretty awesome. I discovered them in high school and have always been a big fan of her imaginative fantsies in her books!)

7. Experiment with sex toys
While many women are completely happy masturbating using only their hands, others enjoy using sex toys. Whether they’re used for penetration or clitoral stimulation, sex toys can be a great way to add some variety to masturbation. Don’t get carried away. Start with a simple vibrator and begin by keeping it on a low setting; there’s plenty of time to progress to the Rampant Rabbit. Try looking at the Ann Summers website for some inspiration. You can even read user reviews, to see which toys are working for other women.  (Obviously, if you are reading this in the U.S. we would love for you to shop on our onw ONLINE SEX TOY store  but we love Ann Summers, too. They are the UK de facto standard!

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