Joy Stick Secrets & How to Each a Peach Sept. 12th with Midori

by Chrystal Bougon on July 10, 2010

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This seminar has been canceled 9/11/2010 – Your Money will be refunded if you did pay for the seminar.

I am very excited to be sponsoring this Sexuality seminar with the Internationally Acclaimed (and legendary) Sex Educator Midori on Sept. 12th, 2010. Those of you who are in the South Bay know that this is such a conservative area compared to our sister cities San Francisco  & Santa Cruz. I’m tired of having to drive 40 miles for this kind of education, aren’t you? 

“JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man” :  3:00 – 5:00:  Sept. 12th  $35

“Learn how to make him moan and writhe in unbelievable pleasure.  Join internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori for this in-depth training on pleasuring your guy with your hands, mouth and more! Using delicious practice props (think fruit!) you’ll learn all about the sucks, licks, swirls, strokes and touch secrets that will blow his mind.  She’ll even cover tips on how to reduce discomforts or gag reflexes.  What better gift is there than to show him your new techniques that very night?” Midori will even cover tips on how to reduce discomforts or gag reflexes. What better gift is there than to show him your new techniques that very night? (In fact, the Beverly Heritage is offering special rates to our guests who want to stay. More on that below.)

BREAK – feel free to check out the hotel’s happy hour at Brandon’s.   Grab a cocktail and bring it back with you to the meeting room. Maybe we can see if Brandon’s will make some Screaming Orgasms, Blow Jobs and some Fuzzy Peach cocktails especially for our seminar.

“How to Eat a Peach: Pleasuring A Woman”  :  5:30 to 7:30pm : Sept 12th  $35

“Learn the art of giving her great pleasure from internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori.” “Learn the art of giving her pleasure from internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori. For the ladies, find out how to take pleasure into your own hand and make it hotter, whether solo flight or flying together.  This workshop is packed with secrets, tips and tricks on how to give the most blissful sensations with your loving mouth and dexterous digits. We’ll use delicious practice props (think fruit!) so that everyone will go home with skills to use that very night. Do you have a nervous or hesitant partner? Midori will talk about how to help women feel more comfortable and less self-conscious. Be prepared for fun, funny and sexy demos.”

Instructor: Midori, an acclaimed writer and lecturer on a wide range of sexual topics. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and vast indispensable experience as a pioneering San Francisco sex educator. She’s the author of bestselling books “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” and “Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink”  and a DVD titled “Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage.”  This is going to be a fantastic treat and I am so honored she is making herself available to all of us down here in the South Bay. Thank you Midori!

Sign Up for BOTH Seminars and we will give you a COMBO deal. Just $60. Both seminars are co-ed. There will be NO nudity. 

If you want to attend both seminars on the 12th,  we will reduce the price to $60 for both. Just use this LINK to PAY the COMBO PRICE of $6.

Details:  Beverly Heritage Hotel in Milpitas at Hwy 880 near Montague Expressway. (Not too far from Hwy 237.) Beverly Heritage Hotel, 1820 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035  (408) 943-9080  They have a fantastic happy hour on Sundays from 4 – 7pm. (Call my friend Diane at the hotel for a great rate on a room Saturday or Sunday. Her direct line is 408-570-5465. $59 for Sat and $69 for Sunday.  He he. Their rooms are very nice. So is their pool area.)

Want to learn more about Midori? Here are some of her websites and you can follow her on Twitter @PlanetMidori and read more about her world travels, her books, her seminars around oral sex, Japanese bondage, Sensual Bondage, and much more!  Questions for Midori or want to book her for your group? Email Midori at .


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