Piercings and Sex: New Pleasure?

by Jennifer on May 16, 2012

People get piercings for all kinds of reasons, but with body and genital piercings there’s usually one reason that trumps the others: they like the way they feel. Let’s face it, it’s not like you are going to get your nipple pierced because you want to show off your new jewelry at the office. (Well, not most offices, anyway!) Piercings are like sex toys you can have with you all the time. Best of all, no one has to know! Sexual stimulation comes in all forms, which is why Bliss Connection celebrates any safe practice that rocks your world – including piercings!

Different piercings bring new sexual excitement depending on the area of the body.  Tongue piercings take oral sex to a whole new level, giving both men and women totally different sensations. Freezing a tongue piercing with an ice cube or sucking on a strong mint ahead of time makes it even more intense. Nipple rings are incredible for women (and men) who are turned on by nipple stimulation. And ladies, if you’ve had a few children and your nipple sensations have dropped off the charts, a nipple ring is a fun way to bring them back.

Women can pierce the clitoral hood or the inner or outer vulva, among other areas of the vagina. Clitoral hood piercings are popular for a reason: they seriously amp up the sensations. For the guys, penis piercings (some called Prince Alberts) can enhance sexual pleasure for both parties, but use caution with condoms. Guys should also be warned that some women might not like how your piercing feels. Men can pierce their penises in different locations, depending on the sensation they’re looking for.

If you’re going to pierce a sensitive area of your body, make sure it’s done by someone reputable who uses sterilized tools. Be vigilant about keeping your piercing clean, especially when it’s new, because besides the health risk, an infected piercing will put a serious damper on your sex life.  Depending on the piercing, you may have to abstain from any sexual activity for a bit in order to let the piercing heal.

Once you’re cleared for takeoff, go ahead and rock that piercing! Try out your sex toys with the new adornment, and see how it feels. Let your partner play around with it. If you’ve had piercings that have given your sex life a new spin, let us know!

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