Pleasure Parties: What Really Happens at a Bliss Party

by Chrystal Bougon on December 14, 2009

FUN! Giggling and laughing are all HIGH on the list. When people ask me why I love my work so much, I say it’s “because I love listening to GROWN WOMEN laugh their asses off!” It fills up my heart to listen to women creating a community for a few hours where they have a glass of wine, unwind, let down their inhibitions and talk frankly with each other about sex. It’s such a fabulous evening of sisterhood and I feel like it’s a privelege that our customers invite us into their home to educate and entertain them about sex, sex toys, romance, orgasms, and how to keep the sizzle in their romantic life.

I founded Bliss Pleasure Parties in January 2003 after attending a party where the consultant who was giving the presentation could not say the words “penis” or “vagina.” Seriously. She was selling sex toys for a living and referred to our anatomy as “DOWN THERE.” That inspired me to start my own company and have personally facilitated over 1,000 pleasure parties in the last 7 years.

Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon

Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon

At a Bliss Pleasure Party, we come to your home to facilitate a VERY FUN evening in with your girlfriends. We are not a Multi Level Marketing company. When we show up, we are there to make you all feel very comfortable. We want to teach you about sex toys and entertain you about sex and romance. We are NOT there to SELL you toys or convince you to BOOK YOUR OWN PARTY or to convince you to BECOME A CONSULTANT. We are VERY different then most of our competitors.

Also, at our SEX TOY PARTIES, we actually set up a full romance store in your home. We believe in Instant Gratification at Bliss. No one wants to wait for sex toys. Our model is very different then mos thome parties. We set up our store in your master bedroom. We do our educational but sassy presentation in your living room. Once we are done with the (hopefully very interactive) presentation, we move into the STORE and invite your customers (only if they want to) to come back to the store to browse and order. We FILL the orders right then and there. No one wants to wait for sex toys. And, if you have someone at home who knows where you are… well, you just cannot go home empty handed.

Our Bliss Pleasure Party hostesses do earn free products for hosting, but we find that this is completely secondary for most of our customers. We find that most women book a Bliss Pleasure Party just to get their girlfriends together for a fun evening out (or in).

Our Pleasure Parties are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, book clubs. bunko groups, divorce parties, house warming parties, spa or boutique openings and pretty much any other occasion you can imagine.

Would you like some more information about our Bay Area Pleasure Parties? Call us at 408-826-9087 and let’s brainstorm about a fun theme for your own Bliss Pleasure Party.


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