Privacy for Mother’s Day – hide your toys from

by Chrystal Bougon on April 29, 2009

Give mom the gift of “peace of mind” this Mother’s Day.  

Toy Box

Toy Box

Moms never seem to have any time to themselves, nor any privacy.   While I cannot help you with the former, I can definitely help you with the latter.  Years ago when my daughter was small I realized that my personal items appeared to be fair game to her: money on my dresser, earrings, birth control pills, photos, DVDs and *ahem* adult items.  She would bring them to me regularly asking “Mommy, what’s this?”  I decided that I needed to find something I could keep these things in that she couldn’t get into, so I went looking.  The last thing I want to do when I need my things, most of which I access on a semi-regular basis, was fumble with a padlock key.  Not to mention a key is a challenge for a kid.  I wanted something that I could keep on my dresser, that I could get into easily and that my children (babysitter, cleaning lady, roommate, etc.) could not.  Thus, ToiBocks was born.
ToiBocks is a beautiful wooden jewelry box/valet. It can be kept on your nightstand, dresser, bookcase, desk, etc.  Anyone can open the top and see that you have some cheap earrings, coins, etc. in the top.  What they can’t get into… is the storage area.  The hidden lock mechanism on the ToiBocks is embedded in the wood so you can’t see it. There are no key-holes, buttons or switches.  The “key” is a design element of the box and also an industrial strength magnet.  You can keep it on the metal circle inside the lid or store it outside the box on anything metal (like your bed frame).  Eight out of ten people cannot figure out how to get into the ToiBocks, even after being handed the key, yet it is so easy to use that you can access the storage area, one handed, while lying down.
ToiBocks makes the perfect gift or even the ultimate gift wrap.  Several people have told us how much fun they had packaging something “special” inside the ToiBocks, giving it to their loved one and watching them try to figure out how to get in.  Once they were able to gain access, they enjoyed using what was inside together.  It’s a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.
Enjoy!  Add a Silver Bullet to your purchase for .01 penny.  The bullet and the toy box is availalbe on our very tasteful online sex toy store :  where we always feature better toys for better sex and we always ship and bill discreetly!  Call us at 408-826-9087


Many thanks to Dawn from for her guest blog and what a fabulous idea for a great gift for the mother of your childred. Maybe even add a little sumthin sumthing to the toy bocks to guarantee yourself a fabulous Father’s Day!


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Le Squirt May 1, 2009 at 8:17 am

Met Dawn a while back and obtained two of these right after the show. I placed one on each of our nightstands. Have had them in place for several months and it’s comforting to know our “unmentionables” are hidden from sight but within easy access. Great idea in a perfect presentation! Sq

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