Real Men Get Waxed, too.

by Chrystal Bougon on June 10, 2009  Elevating the concept of great sex!  Better sex toys for better sex!

Its not so bad!

It's not so bad!

This is a GUEST blog from one of my favorite customers and friend. He is also married to one of my favorite people on this planet! 🙂  They are both fab and he would like to remain anonymous so he doesn’t lose his “man” card. I had to share it because of how well it is written and because of the fab TLC he received from Char when she waxed his “junk.”  I have to just say, “Max” is cut from that ALPHA MALE  “fabric” and is as manly man as you can get.

Real Men Get Waxed Too.

Ok, Max here, (writing on behalf of my gender) to give Char’s Hair Design (and waxing) a plug. I know what you are thinking … one of the things you learn in “Guy School” is that guys don’t get girly spa treatments. Well, in this case, “Guy School” needs to change. I have my own reasons for trying a professional MANscaping, and since I appreciate my woman being “neat”, I too am rewarded by her “extra attentions” for my own tidy appearance. So, I went to Charlotte for some hair removal. Removal from where? Well, lets just say that wherever you want it gone, she can do the job. I should also add that I have never been to a spa before. My wife and her girlfriends spoke highly of Charlotte, so I gave it a try.

Arriving At The Spa.

I rolled up on my bike (ah, that’s a Kawasaki ZX-7R, not a pedal bike), and walked in. Charlotte introduced herself. When she saw my helmet, she also wanted a look at my bike – It turns out that she rides an 1100 Honda. So, it was nice to break the ice a bit with the woman who would soon be ripping hair off my naked body. Ok I wasn’t really naked – I had my socks on. (I know … Sexy!) Seriously, though, Charlotte is a total professional, and inspired confidence that this would go well. She made me feel quite relaxed for someone brand new to this sort of thing.

The Treatment.

Well, lets just say that it doesn’t hurt as much as you are lead to believe (like the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”). And, after about 45 minutes, I was free of a pretty big area of hair that I wasn’t overly fond of.

The Bottom Line.

Yes, Real Men get waxed. We just don’t talk about it. (This write up is anonymous, after all). Whatever your reasons – personal hygiene, delighting your woman, whatever, I can definitely recommend Charlotte for a Manscaping.

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