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by Chrystal Bougon on November 4, 2009

Rock Her World

Rock Her World

I am so excited! Author, Film Maker, Actor, Free Speech Advocate and all around super savvy entrepenuer and branding genius, Adam Glasser aka Seymour Butts,  will be on Better Sex Radio on Nov. 11 th at 11 a.m.  Be sure to tune in as we stream live from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. next week. Adam is about to launch a new book on Nov. 12th so he is a BUSY man. I am so honored to have him on my show. You can pre-order his book from Amazon here:

I plan to buy a copy right away. We like to joke that porn stars are sexual athletes on my radio show. Well, who better then a World Class athlete to write a book on how to be a better lover?

I first became aware of Adam and his movies when I saw his show on Showtime a few years back called “Family Business.”  They labeled their show as “Behind the Scenes of L.A.’s other Film Industry.”  Adam and his family ran his adult film business. (They may still run it, we will have to ask him.)   Yes, he and his family. It was such a great show! His Mom and his cousin worked in the office and interviewed the talent, did the bookkeeping, worked in the warehouse, and were involved in every aspect of his business. It was so “normal” and so real. He is also a Dad and I remember in some of the episodes, they touched on his issues with his young son, being a pornographer who is also a Dad and if I remember correctly, he was sharing custody with his son’s Mom. So, it was VERY REAL and his job just happend to be that he made adult movies.

Now, if you are squeamish about porn, you may not want to GOOGLE Adam or “Seymour Butts” movies. Adam’s movies are pretty hard core and some people call them “gonzo.”  When I owned my adult store in Sunnyvale for 2 .5 years, we sold a lot of Adam’s movies. I can tell you that the movies and the covers can be pretty IN YOUR FACE. But, you might be surprised that in the middle of all of that HARD CORE movie making, Adam was blazing trails. He was one of the first adult film makers to have his actors wear condoms.

I can’t wait to hear all about his new book and I am hoping he will share a few tips with us when he is on the show next week. I hope lots of you will call in during the show, too, to ask Adam all of your questions about his book, his movies and the porn industry in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more details and please, tell a friend! This is going to be so much fun. Adam is truly a very savvy business man, is utilizing Twitter and Facebook to create buzz around his new book and he is a branding genius!

(Oh, two details  just came back to me about one of the episodes of his “Family Business” show – I remember a few episodes when he was creating some sex toy prototypes. The one that comes to mind is this doughnut type accessory he was having made for men who are OVER endowed. LMAO. And, an episode I Tivo’d and saved as long as I could was an episode with he and Dr. Sadie Allison where they did a G-Spot Seminar at a hotel. I watched it over and over again because I knew some day I wanted to model our Bliss seminars after what he and Dr. Allison created. They partly inspired the Bliss Oral Sex Seminar we have coming up on Nov. 15th!

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