Tristan Taormino Interview on Better Sex Radio: The Big Book of Sex Toys Part 1

by Chrystal Bougon on March 10, 2010

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This is the transcript from our interview on Feb. 17th. If you would like to hear the podcast, please go to and search on Bliss Radio and you will find our 30 minute interview there and you can listen on your Mp3 player! is where we stream live every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. Pacific

 C:              Good morning. Welcome to Better Sex Radio. This is your host, Chrystal Bougon. I’m the Chief Toy Officer, Pleasure Coach, and all-around everything, at least today anyway, at All of my help is out, and I’m all alone today. We do our radio show every Wednesday morning to talk to you about different topics related to better sex and more sex.


              We have an online romance store called which we launched about 3½  years ago, featuring better toys for better sex. We know that everybody wants to have better sex, whether they’re having married sex, same sex sex, sex alone, single sex… Everybody wants to have better sex. Everybody wants to have more sex. Everybody wants to improve on the experience, even if they’re just having sex alone.


Here in the Bay Area, we also have a home party division where we bring our traveling romance store to your home. We set up a full store in your bedroom or living room or office – somewhere private, though. You invite your girlfriends over and we do what we call “a very educational but sassy presentation” about the various romance products: lubricants, oils, books, DVDs, spanking products, light bondage products – a little bit of everything. We come there to educate and entertain everyone about the products so that you and your friends can learn about different ways to incorporate these products into your love life in order to help you keep things interesting and spice it up in your bedroom. Whatever you’ve got going on in your bedroom, you can spice things up.


              Of course, we have the radio show every Wednesday morning at 11:00 am on Hump Day. We come to you each week to talk about various products and interview different sex toy manufacturers. We love to talk to you honestly about our favorite toys and products, as well as different things that are going on in our industry and anything that has to do with dating, marriage, relationships, intimacy, etc. Any topic under the sun as it relates back to something that’s sexy or related to sex, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Who could complain about having to talk about sex toys every Wednesday morning or going into people’s homes every weekend for a party? We facilitate the information and the party, but really our hostesses provide us an amazing environment where we get to show up and do our thing that we love so much. It’s always a blast. I even did a “pleasure party” on my birthday last Saturday, and people were saying, “Gosh, it’s your birthday,” but to me it was such a privilege to spend a little bit of my birthday with really cool women who want to learn more and talk more about sex and honor the tradition of getting your girlfriends together and giggling for a few hours. When people ask me why I love my job so much, I always say, “It’s because I love listening to grown women giggle.” And giggle they do, believe me! It’s always a really good time. Usually there’s a little bit of alcohol involved, lots of laughing, and having a great time talking about sex toys. It’s our opportunity to showcase the various products that we sell, and then educate people about how they might use them.


We really want to help people – especially women – to have better sex and an orgasm every time they have sex. We figure as long as you’re doing it, why not just go ahead and have one! I know that for some women it’s a little more difficult than for other women, so we like to show women how they might be able to use some of these products in whatever kind of lovemaking is going on in their bedroom. Many times just incorporating a small bullet-style vibrator in whatever you’re doing or in your partner sex can make it easier for women to climax and easier on their partner because their partner doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to have one…they’re going to “own” their own orgasm, which I’m a big fan of. I really believe your orgasm is your responsibility. It’s your job to have one, not someone else’s job to give you one.


If you’re one of those women who have a little more difficulty in that area, having a vibrator on your clitoris while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing can just make it so much more enjoyable. Then you start to have that idea that every time you have sex, it’s going to be fun as opposed to work or “I’m just doing this because I have to” or anything you’ve got going on in your head. If you incorporate a vibrator into what you’re doing it can help you to really look forward to sex, because you know you’re going to have an orgasm every single time. Just like anything else in the world, practice makes perfect. So practice, practice, practice!


We know men practice a lot, right? They’re really good at it. We don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to have a good time when we have sex with a man! They’re going to! I really wish women would take a page from their playbook and practice more often, because the more often you do it, the easier it gets. Just like muscle memory. For example, like athletes in the Olympics, the muscle memory from practicing their sport over and over again gets those neuropathways in their brain to help them know this is what they need without even thinking about it. The muscle memory kind of lets you know “This is what I need, this is my sexual response cycle, and it’s going to help me to have an orgasm.”


There are so many toys out there, and that’s what we’re so excited to talk about today. We’ve got Tristan Taormino as a guest today. She has a new book called “The Big Book of Sex Toys”, and, believe me, it’s a big, luscious, gorgeous book filled with sex toys. We’ll talk with her today a bit about how all sorts of different couples can incorporate these toys and products to make sure that all of their sex is highly orgasmic. I’m really excited to welcome Tristan to today’s show. Tristan is a sex educator, filmmaker, author, anal sex expert and so much more!


Good morning, Tristan.


T:              How are you?


C:              I saw on Twitter today that you hurt your back. I’m so sorry to hear that.  ( )


T:              I have a really bad cold and I hurt my back, so I’m a little bit miserable, but I didn’t take any of the heavy pain killers or cold medicine because I wanted to be lucid for you!


C:              Thank you! It might have worked okay, too, if you weren’t.


T:              I’m congested, but I’m completely lucid!


C:              Thank you so much. I know you’ve got a lot going on, and I really appreciate you taking some time out today to talk to us about your beautiful new book. It’s gorgeous.


T:              Thank you. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s like a textbook for sex toys.


C:              Like the Encyclopedia Britannica for sex toys, but it’s beautiful, where the Encyclopedia Brittanica is not very pretty.


T:              This is a little flashier.


C:              Did you guys photograph all of those products?


T:              Yes. All the photography except at the very end is original. There are a few pieces in there that aren’t the original, and those are of the very expensive, sort of luxurious products, such as the Monkey Rocker, for example.


C:              Oh, I want one so bad!


T:              They didn’t give us a Monkey Rocker, but they gave us a photo. That’s a very, very high-end toy. But everything else is original. One of the things I love about the book is you just don’t see the product, but you get to see it sort of in action. It’s like, hey, this is how you might use this.


C:              Have you ever tried the Monkey Rocker?


T:              I have not.


C:              I really want to try one.


T:              Yes, it looks amazing.


C:              I always joke at my pleasure parties that I own every sex toy known to man. Well, there are a few I don’t have…I don’t have a fu**ing machine, I don’t have a Monkey Rocker, but for the most part I’ve got them all. Apparently you do, too!


T:              I do. I have a lot of toys…a lot.


C:              The research was fun for your book, right?


T:              Of course! What’s amazing is that just when you finish and you’ve updated it and think you’ve seen everything, then a whole new round of toys comes out.


C:              That’s why we try to avoid printing a color catalog for our parties, because it’s out of date as soon as you print it.


T:              Exactly. There are, like, five new amazing things.


C:              I like to go to the annual sex toy trade show in Vegas in April to see what’s new and figure out the new stuff we’re going to do for the second half of the year. People always think it seems like so much fun to go to the show, but it’s really a lot of work. It’s like going to any trade show, except that the widgets are dildos.


T:              Exactly. You’re still on your feet and there’s still fluorescent lighting!


C:              Yes. You walk around, shake people’s hands, and come home with weird colds and stuff! 

              I do have a link to Tristan’s book on my blog, but what I would recommend, if you’re interested in buying a copy, go to and either type in Tristan’s name or “Big Book of Sex Toys”.   LINK TO PART 2 of our Better Sex Radio Interview with Tristan Taormino







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