August is Anal Sex Month

by Chrystal Bougon on July 14, 2014

anal sex picYah, I know, it’s not August yet.  But, this topic keeps coming up at our store Curvy Girl Lingerie and all over the Facebook pages I belong to, so I thought I would repost an oldie but a goodie.

9 Tips for Pain Free Anal Sex  (link is here)

As many of you know already, I have been educating and entertaining adults all over the Bay Area about how to incorporate sex toys into your sex life.  Almost 2 years ago, I also opened the FIRST EVER Plus Size Lingerie store here in San Jose, CA.

The topic of SEX comes up every single day. That happens when you sell lingerie and a few romance toys.  I wanted to share my Anal Sex tips with all of you and make it easier to find, because this topic comes up constantly.

There is a reason anal play feels so good. We were all born with approximately 6,000 nerve endings around our anus.  That’s a lot of pleasure ladies and gents!

Here is the link again to 9 tips for pain free anal sex.

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