The Pina Colada Song: I wonder if sex toys would have helped

by Chrystal Bougon on August 25, 2010


I wonder if some yummy luxury sex toys would have helped this couple to not stray outside of their own relationship for some fun and surprise.  We all sing along to this song like it’s some happy little ditty and everyone LOVES it when this song comes on the radio, but the lyrics are sort of sad. It ends up nice, but really it’s pretty tragic.

Ok, sing a long with me….”I was tired of my lady. We’d been together too long. Like a worn out recording, of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed. And in the personal columns, there was this letter I read. If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain. If you like making love at midnight. In the dunes of the cape.”

So if you have lived on the moon for the last 30 years and do not know this song, basically the couple were both bored. They both looked at the personals in the newspaper to find some excitement romantically with other people as they were both bored with each other. In the end, they ended up meeting and realized they both liked Pina Coladas and making love at midnight! Apparantly they had been together for awhile and did not SHARE these things with each other.

Suddenly, I finally really HEARD this song the other day and it got me thinking. What would have happened if they could have just TALKED to each other about being BORED IN THEIR BEDROOM . I mean, I have heard this song a million times but it hit me differently the other day. It made me think about how often this happens. I strongly feel that if you are bored in your bedroom, more then likely your partner is, too. OWN THIS problem and you do something about it. I think the sex toys, luxury lubricants, and other romance products  we sell at Bliss can KEEP your bedroom interesting. Incorporating vibrators, massage oils, penis rings can be fun and funny. If you treat it like you’re both sex explorers and you are testing things together it can keep it very fresh and interesting and maybe keep you or your parnter from browsing the personals. (Though now people browse Craigslist, AdultFriendFinder and other websites for the kind of naughty fun Rupert Holmes is looking for in the Pina Colada song.)

If we can help you bring back the element of surprise and excitement back to your bedroom, we also do very funny, sassy pleasure parties in the Bay Area where we bring our traveling romance store to your home. We want to keep your sex life fresh, fun and exciting. We have everything from mild to wild and we promise if you have the right attitude and keep it playful, neither of you will be searching the personal columns.

Would love to hear your comments and memories about the Pina Colada Song! Didn’t this song come out right about the time that the “Afternoon Delight” song came out?  🙂


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